Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Pop-up Post: CN Nos 305/376/368, October 2016

It's time for another pop-up post! Freight cars yes, verbose verbiage not so much. CN No 305 at Belleville last Friday, 376 at Kingston same afternoon, then 368 and 305 the next day at Kingston from 50 feet up.
Heritage fun...ALNX 396166
All Crandic'd out, now EAMX
Ain't nothin' like the wheel thing maybe, CN 48960
ECOFABulous - Andersons RMGX 9119 on the tail-end
Lumbering along, CN 598259
SMW 320437 also seen on eastbound on July 12
Paint it black -  TILX 487122
Take a jahb at it...WC 27371
It 's not so easy being green, BN 468210
Neatly-relettered BAEX 1167
If it's AOK with Chris Mears, it's OK with me, former GATX
Been angling for these for awhile, got two
EAMX 454 and 471. Holy Oke, Batman!
Just one shade of grey. Clean CN 382558
CN 598051 on 368
and CN 598237 on 305 - can ya tell I like these?
Thoroughbred pool car NS 469493
No taggers yet TBOX 671847
Send TILX around the bend on the tail-end, Trackside Treasure friend
What he said. Thanks for riding along to the end


Steve Boyko said...

Lots of interesting freight cars! I like those (ex) Crandic cars... I see them now and then through Winnipeg.

I have a soft spot for Railbox / TTX boxcars. They were a familiar sight in Miramichi NB for years.

Eric said...

Thanks for your rolling stock enthusiasm, Steve. We need more of it!

These trains brought home to me that not only are there fewer RR-owned cars being built, but many of the formerly RR-owned cars are being picked up by leasing companies.

Always neat to see the passing show, and on CN freights, with fewer units than ever, the locomotives are even more outnumbered by the freight cars. Good times!