Monday, October 10, 2016

SLR extended-height boxcars

A unique series of turquoise-coloured excess-height boxcars that frequents CN's Kingston Sub has includes SLR 3015 at Belleville yard, September 19, 1999 (top photo). I caught SLR 3015 eastbound on CN No 376 on November 25, 2016 (below). In the intervening 17 years, rust, relettered reporting marks, conspicuity striping and graffiti have been added!
SLR 3006, simlarly-painted to SLR 3015 in the top photo, at Belleville, undated (Tim Reid photo)
Built for East Camden & Highland as EACH 2351-2499 (non-consecutive) as part of IPD boxcar boom in 1979, thence to Green Bay & Western series GBW 10000-10099 between 1981-1983 and used for Wisconsin paper loading. ITEL shops in Junction City, KS raised the car roofs and added stiffener channels thus visibly changing the cars' capacity from 5327 cubic feet to 6047 in 1987-89, their AAR designation from XM to XP and their reporting marks to HS 14200-14296. The cars received their turquoise paint and large Stone Container Corp markings during this rebuild. Sixty cars went to Minnesota, Dakota and Western (MDW) 4100-4159, then 37 of these to SLR St Lawrence and Atlantic (SLR). SLR 3025 is on CN No 376 at Kingston on April 11:
MDW 4102 at Belleville, ON on November 3, 2012:
MDW 4155 also on November 3, 2012:
SLR 3032 in the company of other paper boxcars, October 25, 2013 at Belleville, ON:
Sep 19/15 SLR 3005 CN No 369 at Belleville, ON:
My other SLR/MDW boxcar observations, with date, car number, and CN train on:
Oct 4/97 SLR 3009-3017 on No 390
Oct 5/97 SLR 3035 on No 318
Feb 1/98 SLR 3006 on No 395
Feb 28/98 SLR 3016-3017
Aug 1/98 SLR 3007-3027 on No 368
Mar 5/99 SLR 3030 on No 364
Mar 20/99 SLR 3011-3033 on No 318
May 1/99 SLR 3013 on No 301
Jul 24/99 SLR 3005-3010 on No 301
Aug 19/99 SLR 3000-3035
Aug 20/99 SLR 3016-3020
Aug 25/99 SLR 3011
Aug 27/99 SLR 3014
Sep 4/99 SLR 3030 on No 364
Sep 19/99 SLR 3015-3017-3029
Oct 17/99 SLR 3008-3027
Nov 25/99 SLR 3009 No 301
Apr 23/00 SLR 3006
May 20/00 SLR 3002
Jul 9/00 SLR 3026 dest. Joffre QC
Jul 23/00 SLR 3029-3036 on No 310
Mar 11/01 SLR 3001-3017-3029 No 321
Aug 30/01 SLR 3011 on No 369
Aug 3/02 SLR 3011
Apr 4/10 SLR 3013-3031 on No 309
Sep 11/10 MDW 4117-4129 new paint sides-4122-4113 new pain]t sides-4159
Nov 3/10 MDW 4125
Aug 11/11 MDW 4152 on No 368
Dec 5/11 SLR 3005 on No 376
Jan 25/12 MDW 4157 on No 368
Apr 6/12 MDW 4114-4124 on no 368
Sep 19/12 SLR 3032
Sep 27/12 MDW 4119
Getting an 'E' for effort and a 'G' for graffiti: SLR 3014 westbound on CN No 369 at Kingston's VIA station on March 6, 2016 (above). 

New reporting marks for some of these unique boxcars in 2015-2017 operating in Western Canada: LRS 1420 and 3462 and WRWK 4339,4369-4397 (per Steve Boyko, Christopher de Vries and Mark A Perry FB). 

Malcolm Peakman shared a photo of SLR 3022 through Napanee, ON in January 2017 on CN No 376. Notice the weatherproofing on the extended roof and the show-through of Stone Container Corporation lettering!
SLR 3009 (below) and 3025 were together on CN No 369 on July 31, 2017:

Running extra...

From a planned episode of the TLC series Railfan Sisters, here is an airborne view of landing over a Conrail Shared Assets Area yard just south of the airport in Newark NJ:
The I-95 ground-level view:
If you woke up this morning and said, "I would love to find a link to some classic Conrail" then here it is. 

Museum displays have really changed since we were kids....the work of taggers in 1992 at Los Angeles' Museum of Contemporary Art.


Canadian Train Geek said...

Very topical! Thanks for adding more details to those cars I saw. I wonder if any of the Stone decorated boxcars made it to Bathurst to the Smurfit-Stone facility that was there...

Eric said...

That's a great question, Steve....
Thanks for your comment,

Allison said...

Wow, that shot out the airplane window reproduced pretty well! I still like the slightly eerie shadow of the airplane on the ground.

Eric said...

Yes, indeed the Eerie, er, Erie was one of New Jersey's railroads! Just wingin' it here!