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NAHX ex-Illinois Terminal Covered Hoppers

In the early 1990's, Illinois Terminal Pullman-Standard 4750-cu.ft.covered hoppers were transferred to North American Car Corporation ownership (now General Electric Railcar Services) and had their IT reporting marks painted out. Originally in the IT 2000-series, the patched reporting marks were NAHX 490xxx-series. Did this represent one of the earliest patched rolling stock schemes - a now common practice? Maybe so, because at the time they seemed pretty remarkable to me. The yellow patch extended one panel beyond IT's compact reporting marks. With only four digits in their car numbers, it's easy to see why four letters/six numbers just wouldn't fit!

IT prided itself on being "The Road of Personalized Service". Covered hoppers, boxcars and more received the eye-catching yellow scheme with the bright green lettering. Patched cars in two Tim Reid photos (NAHX 490327-  top and NAHX 4902xx on CP - below)
If you'd like to compare, here's a clean view of ITC 2142 (online auction site photo) showing that highlighted lettering and red underbody:
My observations at Kingston (below). Note that these would have patched reporting marks but included the full IT lettering. On current cars, I believe the other lettering has also been patched out.  Some cars have gone to KYLE with the same numbers. Sometimes ex-Milwaukee Road cars look similar. The key is the diagonal motto patch! Date and reporting marks:
Nov 9/91 NAHX 490325, 490326
Nov 10/91 NAHX 490331, 490251, 490216
Nov 12/91 NAHX 490264
Jul 21/92 NAHX 490275
Jan 21/98 NAHX 490229

March 31, 2021 UPDATE: NAHX 490206 with IT lettering visible through patch paint, likely lifted at Trenton's Agromart, on CN No 517 (image courtesy Railstream, LLC):

Athearn blue box kit with Herald King decals. In retrospect, the reporting marks patch is too big and the CDS Lettering was too thick. I'll also re-visit those red-painted trucks. Re-do pending!

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Running extra...
Kingston's VIA station is getting a new entrance. As part of the John Counter Boulevard overpass project, this stretch of the street is being re-aligned. As a result, the cumbersome two-entrance access to the station is being revised to a single access road to JCB, lining up with the Purdy Mill apartment buildings opposite (above). 

Everything you ever wanted to know about the Erie 149th Street Harlem Station operation in New York City's Bronx. And, by the same blogger, all about New York City waterfront operations (scroll for main index at bottom). Good work, Philip M. Goldstein!

Just a few more sleeps and it's Trackside Treasure's eleventh anniversary! And the 600th post! What's 11 + 600 equal? A whole lot of anniversarial anticipation! Thanks for being along for the ride.

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