Thursday, March 23, 2023

Railstream Webcam Highlights, Part 3

KCSMexico 4715 on CN No 271 - Jan. 12
My highlight-reel images from January and early-February, 2023 showing Railstream webcam images from Geddes Street level crossing over CN's Kingston Subdivision in Belleville, ON. (All images courtesy Railstream, LLC). It's not as if I observed every train, maybe only 2% of each day's trains. More oddities plus exceptional locomotives and cars that led me to saving and sharing them in this post. Previous months' highlights can be enjoyed in these two previous posts: October and November and December.

VIA 916-919 lead VIA No 40 - Jan. 14

Rio Tinto BMEX 523 behind CN 2928 on CN No 306 - Jan. 16

Cover coming loose on QTTX 131037 on CN No 305 - Jan. 16

CAEX 56677-56676 choo-choo graffiti on CN No 372 - Jaun. 23

KCS 4782 on CN No 369 - Jan. 23

Railavator crawled on at crossing and headed west - Jan. 23

Rare GTW boxcar still blue 384634 on CN No 372 - Jan. 26

Deathstar heritage unit IC (CN) 3008 leads westbound intermodal - Jan. 26

CN 3061 brings the third VIA Siemens trainset to Montreal from California - Jan. 30

CN rail threader cars on CN No 305 - Jan. 30

CN air car 0033 trailing CN No 100 - Feb. 6

Ten bathtub gons - "Procor" CN 196893-196252 on CN No 369 - Feb.7

CN air cars 0054-0033 on westbound intermodal ahead of tailend DPU - Feb.8

Really Big Thing on snowy QTTX 131314 westbound - Feb. 11

Really Big Thing on QTTX 131304 westbound - Feb. 11

Veterans unit CN 3233 tail end DPU on westbound intermodal - Feb. 12

BCOL (CN) 3115 heritage unit with 3030 on CN No 372 - Feb. 12

6427L and Prestige Chateau Maisonneuve trail VIA No 42 - Feb. 13

This is what keeps us coming back trackside - we truly never know what's comin' round the bend next! 

Running extra...
Coming April 7 at 7 p.m. on TVO and TVO YouTube, it's Tripping Train 185, a three-hour trip through history and geography from Sudbury to White River - the "best kept secret in Ontario" proclaims the press release. The info sheet section of the webpage includes bonus footage and 'making of'' shorts.

It was four years ago this week that I started my new job. I didn't really retire, I just got a new boss! Watching the French government impose pension restrictions on their pending retirees should remind us all that governments, faced with a shrinking workforce and tax base, may need to reduce payouts they've traditionally made. A former Canadian prime minister already tried it. This is truly the best job ever - getting paid to blog!
That includes trainwatching. After a report of BC Rail heritage unit 3115 coming east on a fast-moving CN No 122, and a last-minute OS from Malcolm in Napanee, I made a last-minute trip to Collins Bay to snap the unit leading. Last time I snapped it here, it was not leading. If it's not leading, it's not heritage, one of the Heritage Unit rules in this post. Doing a sizzling 65 mph!

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