Saturday, January 14, 2023

Railstream Webcam Highlights, Part 2

CNSU 002 on former well car CN 0002 - westbound December 1
My highlight-reel images from December, 2022, showing Railstream webcam images from Geddes Street level crossing over CN's Kingston Subdivision in Belleville, ON. (All images courtesy Railstream, LLC). It's not as if I observed every train, maybe only 2% of each day's trains. But there were enough oddities plus exceptional locomotives and cars that led me to saving and sharing them in this post and the previous post.

 FURX 5563 on 5-unit CN No 305 from G3 Limoilou to G3 Leader, SK elevator - December 1

A second BMEX unit eastbound early on December 2

Bridge girder on OTTX 132026 westbound  - December 4

Prestige Class Chateau Varennes trailing VIA No 42 - December 5

Blair Manor buffer car on VIA No 52 with CN No 518 on north track - December 8

Former Sask Pool WFRX 850820 westbound - December 8

Bluebonnet IC 2466 with mismatched hood and evaluation car CNIS 412011 - December 11

Blue BC Rail 4648 - December 13

Family Lines CSXT 252389 with five CSX covered hoppers - December 13

Herzog HAGX 1750 trailing CN No 369 - December 13

MPM VII/HZGX 175 trails six well cars 

OTTX 132038 with an RBT (Really Big Thing) also on CN No 369 - December 13

NDYX 857135 with awesome tiger graffiti - December 16

Unconventionally-lettered Drummond Manor VIA No 41 buffer car - December 17

Breeding pair of CNNA map units 2508-2521 (that paint!) on CN No 369 - December 19

EVOX 19050 H202 tank car on CN 668240 train CN No 372 - December 21

Unusual DTTX 885203 'K' Line Rail Bridge 5-pak on CN No 123 - December 22

GATX 00306-00322 for Brockville - December 27
In the aftermath of CN's Christmas Eve derailment 17 TankTrain cars, white GATX 00306-00322 were not set out by CN No 377 in Brockville, instead making it all the way to Toronto, then returning to be finally set out in Brockvegas by CN No 368.
BCOL 4653 leads CN No 322 - December 27

The 'Blue Train' - BCOL 4646 DPU on CN No 322 - December 27

CP 7057 made at least three trips over three days on the Kingston Sub - here trailing three CN units on CN No 377 - December 27

QTTX 131437 one of three westbound girder loads, each with CN idler flat - December 29

Atlanta quadcam surprise - railfan capturing UP 1995 C&NW heritage unit - Jan. 2

Running extra...

The Golden Globes Awards were the least-viewed but the most-diverse in the history of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association-sponsored awards. I might be the last person in North America watching these shows. They used to be a real event, a viewing highlight. With the advent of TMZ and other 24/7 entertainment programming, awards shows have become soapboxes for issues. David Letterman hosting the Oscars, save us!

We've started our own sofa-borne book club - I'm reading Confidence Man by Maggie Haberman, and my wife is reading Spare by Prince Harry. The latter mentioned his ghostwriter in a TV interview, though I saw no mention of such a writing assistant in the jacket liner notes. I guess he got ghosted!

Crossover event! Posted on my Hanley Spur blog this week - these 1979 and 2023 views of a rare San Luis Central reefer load of potatoes at Quattrocchi's. My thanks to Mark Charlebois for making this possible.  Layout-level photography revealed the need for missing details I later added: right-hand dimensional data and weathering.

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JasonPaulSailer said...

Love seeing the POOL car - every once and a while one will pop up out west on a grain train. Its like looking for Waldo!