Tuesday, December 29, 2015

CN No 369 and CN No 376, December 2015

CN train No 369 happened by my local Shoppers Drug Mart parking lot on Saturday, December 12 at 1235. Led by CN 3019 which was followed by prim PHLX 108 - still ungraffiti'd. This small but eye-catching PHLX covered hopper fleet is part of my Classic Canadian Freight Car series - post links are in the right sidebar for your viewing pleasure! Check out the recently-added S&C supports for that leanin' pole!
As 2015 (my self-proclaimed Year of Photographing the Mundane) draws to a close, I decided to focus on yet another mundane freight train. You might argue that since these cars caught my eye, they are perhaps less mundane than they ought to be. You might wonder where the closeup is of that basic, black, boring UTLX tank car ahead of the brightly-coloured, eye candy NCLX car? This only proves my inability to be truly focused on the truly mundane. Perhaps in 2016 I can employ even more mundanity, or mundanaciousness, or mundaneity! Gotta have a goal. There is definitely room for improvement.
Ex-DuPont Sclair covered hopper NCLX 46548 (above and below). Watch for an upcoming CCFC series Sclair post! It's followed by HPJX ingot cars which replaced the CN 618xxx-series. Watch for another upcoming CCFC series post! Dang, more work!
Ex-BN, now WC 33068 scrap tie car, solidly sandwiched between B&LE brothers:
Former inky IC hoppers 101987 and 365324 now in scrap tie service:
Not so easy being green...HLMX Ex-C&NW 43117 lone hopper car:
MWCX 200439 covered gon in the company of MWCX 200391 and RGCX 700533:
Diligent DPU 2821 totes GNRR 7312 with round ingots:
For awhile, former auto-parts service NS hi-cube boxcars like 469378 have been running with TBOX in an assigned pool.
And on the tail-end?
I'm so sick and tired of cabooseless trains! Let's jazz things up. Here's a retro bit of train tail-end punctuation, brought to you by CN 79532 in December, 1978 (above). CN No 376 passed the same spot as CN No 369 above, on December 20 at 1215. Power 8938-2310:
Mauled Marine Industries tie car CN 91008:
Agrium covered hopper SHQX 3747:
Richardson International agribusiness! TRGX 854622, one of four on this train:
TRGX 854497:
TRGX 854456 and 854646:
Grainy Government of Canada CNWX no longer! NDYX 814368:
Western warrior double-door boxcar SP 247290:
CN/GTW steely single-cover coil car 187894:
Ex-CP ATW 317113 bulkhead flat car with sheet steel load:
DPU 2306 keeping LAFX cement covered hopper 60081 company:
ACFX 66424 with two sisters including 66467. These are actually the most mundane cars out there. Plain jane, and signature cars for CN Nos 376/377 heading to the Montreal area:

Running extra...

Hoping your Christmas was festive! Ours was gratuitously green on the outside. This is the seventh post for December - a corpulent, cornucopia-like crescendo of retro and present-day (especially present-day) railfanning which has led to a year-end largesse. Don't worry, I'll get back to the once-a-week posting schedule if 2016 saps my enthusiasm. (Spoiler alert - both you and I know it won't!!) A happy, prosperous and trail-filled 2016 to all Trackside Treasure readers!

As much as I like getting mail, I have enjoyed the Christmas e-greetings from Facebook friends, Trackside Treasure readers and assorted rail nuts. If you missed them, I placed the plethora of fantastically festive e-cards here

Christmas couch-time has led to simmering surge of draft posts! Classic Canadian freight cars: DuPont Sclair, CN flatside, Alcan Produits Chimiques, and SLR extended-height boxcars. Interesting freight train topics: GO Transit bilevels in freight consists, Nova Scotia gypsum shipments to Ontario. Derailments at Millhaven in 1999 and Kingston in 2005, and dimensional movements with LNAL 340320 and KWUX 10. Miscellaneous topics: ACI labels and VIA hat-checks await the press of the 'Publish' button! And here's a teaser - one that's easy to articulate:

Friday, December 25, 2015

Kingston-Dorval aboard CN, 1976

In my shoebox collection of notepads containing train numbers, the very first notepad is written in young-person scrawl. The notes are from a round-trip from Kingston, ON to Dorval, QC, likely visiting our grandmother who lived in Valois. Undated. (Note to 12 year-old self: improve your note-taking!) I believe this trip would have been on the Christmas break, 1975-76. First thing written: "French test after Christmas". Thereafter it's all trains - trackside details and time noted, mostly on the eastbound trip over CN's Kingston Sub. The westbound return leg was likely in the dark! [I've added some details for clarification in brackets]
There are no photos to accompany this account, and I'm not going to mislead you by adding some from a later date. Just cast your mind's eye back to a snowy morning forty years ago this week, climb aboard the steam-heated, pre-VIA CN train and wait for the "All aboard"...

11:17 Came to Kingston station saw CN loaders, snowplow, one CN panel truck.
11:19 Saw red-shouldered hawk at Kingston station, flew over the train tracks.
11:20 A work truck went past the station, on the tracks with lumber and a tire (both sets of wheels were on the track).
11:23 Westbound pass train stops four engines, two dummies, 15 cars, Empire Club, leaves 1130.
12:39 Our train comes. Two ordinaries, 1 dummy, [A-A-B]13? cars - Richelieu Club 1st engine 6767
12:47 We left.
12:51 Freighter westbound two roadies, mostly CN boxcars, lumber, Procor, and 3 SF boxes. Passed CP place. 2 CP Rail boxcars, red, one old, one writing. [CN-CP interchange at Queens]
12:54 Passed stack of cement ties at underpass.[Montreal Street]
12:55 Westbound freighter. Two roadies, two gondolas, caboose.
12:57 Over girder bridge, lock underneath, also old blockhouse. [Kingston Mills]
12:58 Passed yellow tracked cherry picker, near turn-off for Kingston Mills Road.
1:05 Passed CN Kings station.
1:07 Passed North American Corp flat car, two CN men, trucks 1/8 mile later CN track truck, two small stations, CN Siding.
1:09 Passed small CN jeepish truck and trailer.
1:10 Speed sign at Leeds 80/60.
1:12 Passed funny sign other side another at 1:25 yellow with black stripe, circle above square.
1:13 Passed handcar, siding that stopped. Rails, old ties, a barrel all around. Mile 154 derail sign Gan station past Gan station speed sign Turbo 90 round.[Gananoque Junction]
1:20 Speed sign at Leeds station 80/60.
1:22 Passed red CN van speeder at 20-30 foot long shed.
1:23 Westbound freight fast 3-4? engines.
1:26 Passed green flag.
1:27 Passed yellow flag, Turbo 80 sign.
1:29 Passed CN Mallorytown sign (138 miles), didn't stop.
1:36 Passed speed sign 60/70
1:39 Passed Lyn station sign, didn't stop.
1:40 Passed speed sign 80/60.
1:41 Brockville lots of cars, snowplow, CN telephones, two speeders, CN boxcars, two stock cars, CN flat cars, work train houses, one with an antenna.
1:42 Stopped Brockville. Big CN Truck, CN loader. On one spur were a line of cars. Sign: P blue metal beside track. Old caboose, CN jeep, CP Rail 437128 end-cupola caboose, CP Rail 6591 yardie idling, many CP boxcars, one gondola, 4 CP Rail reds, one stock car, service car no 402381 two small windows. CN speeder reflector switch lamp, CN telephone, small shack with two speeder tracks out of it lots of sidings and spurs CN van boxcar turned into a building. Old CP boxcar numbers 59090, 54333, 52976, 35504, 53825, 59115.
1:55 Met CN pass one ordinary, two dummies, one roadie, 14 coaches, CN siding also 6789 engine ordinary - probably off us plus one coach. [train to/from Ottawa]
1:57 Left. Have now seen two tell-tales.
2:06 Passed "Brockville Chemical" company, Procor tank cars with Dangerous placards, also another siding with 3 CN cars.
2:12 Passed RCA plant, stopped Prescott two spurs (great stack of creosote cans, and other junk).  Left at 2:13, saw two handcars.
2:16 Saw two signs either side off crossing mile 113 Red. [STOP signs]
2:17 Saw another tell tale and a branch line.
2:19 Saw speed sign 70/60.
2:35 Westbound freighter passed.
2:37 Saw truck on highway - six pairs of wheels all one piece.
2:52 Stop at Cornwall. A CN boxcar and a service stock car on a spur.
2:56 Left. Saw a half-bus half truck with bags in it (saw one later, too) and a CN tractor-trailer. A truck and some CN boxcars. Work houses on flatcars.
2:57 We Crossed a crossover! At Cornwall.
2:59 Passed a spur of cars. A few covered hoppers, CN. A CN boxcar, a Procor tank car and a green 'Bay Line' boxcar.
3:08 Passed a westbound freighter, mostly CN covered hoppers. Also passed over a big bridge.
3:10 Saw a CN van by the side of the track near Garry.
3:21 Passed a short train waiting on a siding - ordinary [FPA4] 6776, baggage + 3 coaches. [Coteau]
3:31 Passed the entrance to a branchline.
3:36 We passed a westbound freight, mostly auto racks. We went over the Ottawa River.
3:39 We passed a yellow flag.
4:53 We arrived at Dorval. Engines on our train 6767-6529-6621. CN and Erie Lackawanna boxcar at Dorval CP station.

Return trip to Kingston:
6:04 Left Dorval. #? 1 ordinary, 1 dummy, a roadie.[A-B-road switcher]
6:06 CP Rail freight eastbound. 1 Roadie, assorted cars. Waiting at the station 3 Dayliner, 2E 1W trains. (CP) double-decker train W. Two passenger trains (CP) 1406-14 coaches. Two CN 2E freights one was 3 fakies, tank cars Procor, 5070-5075-5071 [Oil train]  2 pass trains CN 2 W turbo W saw long CP WB freighter coming to station, two fakies, 1 pass ordinary, NdeM boxcar.
Also at Dorval station saw some CN guy go out with a lantern and an order stick for Turbo.
Window seat 60 way home coach 5516. [Diagram] 60 me, 59 my sister aisle 57 [empty], 58 my Mom.

The October 26, 1975 - April 24, 1976 CN system passenger timetable sheds a little light on the trains we rode:
  • The mid-day departure that we rode from Kingston was likely CN train 50-40, with 50 being the Lakeshore, scheduled to depart at 1155, scheduled to arrive Brockville at 1254, splitting off train No 40 for Ottawa which departed at 1310, then No 50 continuing east, arriving Dorval at 1440. 
  • The train waiting at Coteau was likely CN train No 34, due at Coteau at 1517. This is one of the few Montreal-Ottawa trains operating with a baggage car, and I noted a baggage car in my notes! Seems to fit.
  • The westbound we observed at Brockville at 1355 was likely No 61, the Rapido.
  • However, the other westbound at Kingston at 1123 is mystifying. The only morning westbound was No 51, though not due utnil 1203.
  • Returning home, CN No 55 - the Bonaventure - was scheduled to depart Dorval at 1713, arriving Kingston at 1940. Due to heavy holiday traffic and wintry weather, it's possible trains we rode were operating late, each over 40 minutes off the advertised.
Running extra...

A fat future awaits - a loaded, laden larder. Currently there are 36 in-development draft posts in Trackside Treasure's queued-up quiver. These posts range from just photos to information to complete posts ready for launching into cyberspace! A range of rail-related topics spanning my railfanning years from 1976-2015. Hey, that means I can soon change the Trackside Treasure teaser tag line to "40 years trackside with Canada's railways"! Suddenly sounding supremely stentorian!

Photos from Germany to Yukon to Portage la Prairie to Kingston to you!  Two German brothers, biennial guests at my cousin's B&B in Whitehorse, sent two photo prints from their trip, taken while on a Canadian camping vacation from Calgary to Yukon. Along the Thompson River near Cache Creek, CN on the left and CP on the right:
The White Pass trip from Skagway to Fraser Lake enters a tunnel which replaced the famous, former cantilever bridge which still stands.
Hope you had a great Christmas and are spending lots of quality time divided between leisure, treasure and family. Careful what you ask Santa for...cashews and beer add up in a hurry!
Reg shared another train photo with me - Ontario Northland/T&NO 503 at North Bay. Interestingly, Reg's uncle was in on the paint job of this fine-looking locomotive. Thanks, Reg!

Sunday, December 20, 2015

CRO: Chestnuts Roasting On

Sung to the tune of...Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire: 
Trackside Treasure and an open fire,
Laptop balanced on my knee,
Nice warm beverage surely helps to inspire,
My wife thinks I'm outta my tree!

Deep down, though, she knows, those CN, CP -
- VIA, GO dancin' 'cross the screen so bright,
Hubby railfan with his eyes all aglow
will stay up late to blog tonight.

Another post is on its way,
It happens once each six or seven days,
And every loyal reader's gonna see,
What I've been working on, beside my Christmas tree.

And so I'm flipping through my VIA sched-
yule trains of yesteryear, from 1 to 92,
Time to put both this 400th post and myself to bed,
"Merry Christmas to you!"
Merry Christmas to all Trackside Treasure's readers. Thanks also to my blog partners; Steve, John, Chris, Dave, Marc, George, Michael, Bernard, Matthieu, Robert, JD, and Oddblock Station Agent. When it comes to keeping Christmas classy, CP knew how to do it - Montreal's Windsor Station in 1986 (above). 

Thanks for your comments, suggestions, assistance and inspiration. 
After over seven years, this is still more fun than a barrel of elves. 

Further, musically, may I suggest 'Children, Go Where I Send Thee' in this
Harmonious. Authentic. Powerful.
And, 'Do You Hear What I Hear' by the inimitable
Real. Soulful. Heavenly.
My e-Christmas calling card to you! Auxiliary crew checking out the derailment that they've travelled all the way from Toronto to clear up.
And thanks to readers for the Christmas greetings that are flowing in. Randy O'Brien of Niagara Falls sent a cool grain elevator-themed personalized posting: 
Winnipeg's Mark Perry sends a greeting featuring a diamond:
Mark has been sending out some cool classic Canadian photos:
Retired CN dispatcher Tim Ball gets the drift:
Prolific photographer profiles pastoral placement of CN GP-9 and SCL!
Saskatchewan snow country's Ken McCutcheon:
Oil-Electric blog partner Robert McDonald has trimmed the tree:
Confessions of a Train Geek blog partner Steve Boyko has snow - none here!
"E-card foam fad" from intrepid Cameron Applegath who travelled from the wilds of downtown Toronto to the wild west to snag this shot:
To the wilds of northern Ontario with Dave Shaw! Snowtastic!
And VIA from La Belle Province, merci a Bill Morrison!
Alberta heard from - Braedan Dunne and the CP Holiday Train at Lethbridge!
Ottawa's Ray Farand, Steel Passageways author:

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

VIA's Canadian at Kingston, June-July 1982

From 1981 to 1985, VIA's Canadian operated between Toronto and Montreal over CN's Kingston Sub. My Dad's Kodak 126 Instamatic snapped me and a couple such consists in June and July, 1982. On July 14, the consist was led by strobe-equipped 6537-6623-6871-613-Union Club-5627-3225-5487-5534-123-3230-505-5704-Champlain-Chateau Brule-Chateau Bienville-Cabot Manor-Banff Park. Due to my Dad's fascination with seeing the Canadian up-close in Kingston, we're able to examine this consist before and after the day shown!

Westbound at 1945 on June 25: 6782-6622-6770-607-3224-5617-5587-5584-123-505-5744-Champlain-Chateau Denonville-Chateau Bienville-Cabot Manor-Banff Park.

Westbound at 1939 on July 6: 6778-6625-6541-613-5647-5534-5487-123-3230-505-5704-Champlain-Chateau Brule-Chateau Bienville-Cabot Manor-Banff Park. 

Westbound at 1950 on July 28: 6537-6637-6632-613-5487-5585-5576-123-3205-505-5701-Champlain-Chateau Lasalle-Chateau Brule-Cabot Manor-Banff Park.

Eastbound at 1150 on August 5: 6524-6621-6612-613-Saint James's Club-5603-33225-5533-5626-5576-123-3208-505-5701-Chateau Lasalle-Chateau Brule-Cabot Manor-Banff Park.
Skyline 505 (above and below). Just recently, another Skyline, 8501 was at Kingston.
Likely Chateau Brule:
Banff Park brings up the markers as the train continues east to Montreal:
Thirteen minutes later, a westbound behind 6793-6612 arrives:
On June 26, 1982 I was arriving back in Kingston after a trip aboard VIA to Portage la Prairie. Consist: 6786-6866-6613-601-Union Club-5647-3225-5541-118-122-517-5738-1368-Chateau Rouville ( my car Roomette 4)-Chateau Dollard-Jarvis Manor-Prince Albert Park. Arriving on time at 1145:
Sis alongside Skyline 517:
Reception beside Dayniter 5738. Me with Portage la Prairie sweats, Sam Sonite and Popsicle Pete knapsack in front of an unusual (for this train in this era) ex-CN diner 1368 trails.
Prince Albert Park brings up the markers as the train heads for Montreal:
This is likely the Canadian westbound at 1944 on July 23, the same day my Dad photographed the LRC-hauled Canadian, also at Mi 184 Kingston Sub. Consist: 6529-6637-6632-9664-3231-5595-5439-120-118-3224-513-5718-Palliser-Chateau Montcalm-Chateau Cadillac-Hearne Manor-Tweedsmuir Park:
Thanks, Dad!

Running extra...

We smell a rat! A company called Big Dawg has taken part of Rapido Trains' F40PH-2D body and added a bump to produce an F40PH-3. Catty! Facebookers are having a bird! The good news is, Rapido's F40PH-3 is now a cat out of the bag, while Big Dawg is in the model railroaders' doghouse. Cage match? So far, Rapido has only released a salmon scheme: 
Just think...if that salmon-coloured unit had a GM 567-power plant option on the DCC controller, and it was used on a layout during a night operation session, that could be a SALMON-CHANTED EVENING!!

Don't ever think your layout is too small to host the ubiquitous barge/car float operation. This modeller didn't: