Sunday, December 1, 2019

Kingston Invista Adds a New Track

Kingston's Invista nylon plant, located at the south end of CN's Cataraqui Spur, used to unload tank cars of hexamethylenediamine in the 'middle' of the plant. That unloading function was moved to the east side of the plant in 2001, and apparently Invista wanted another track at that site. Likely to allow CN to spot more cars for unloading. The first indication that change was afoot was the installation of a chain-link fence around the single unloading track (top photo) on September  2, 2015.
The single unloading track, designated KM28 (above and below) built in late-2001, amid the new construction (workers installing fence at right).
On October 27, 2015, the new second track is being installed within the newly-built fence. Notice how the grass got more brown and the foliage turned:
This new track was designated KM27. Discussion at the end of the work day, with tampers on the new track:
"I bet somebody will be blogging about this four years from now, Jimmy!"

This was a long discussion. A nice fall day, and the guys kept talking as I kept snapping!
Oil Well Service might seem like an odd name for a track construction outfit, but it seems this arm of their business grew out of serving the petrochemical industry. 
These days, both tracks are in use. CN typically brings 3-6 tank cars when the Belleville-Kingston turn serves the Invista plant, thrice weekly.

December 2021 update: GMTX 2323-2284 switch the tank tracks on a snowy December 20:

Running extra...

Business Insider two-part series on the Canadian by Rachel Askinasi. Worth reading - I recognized and utilized several of the same locations and views in my own photography this past June. Thanks to faithful Trackside Treasure reader Bill Staiger for the heads-up:

Black Friday! A stop at CSX's yard in DeWitt, NY yielded no freights but two Amtrak trains. Here is Amtrak 703 leading a westbound Amfleet consist. Watch for more Black Friday coverage in an upcoming post.


Michael said...

Will a time come when we become nostalgic for those old GP9 warhorses? I love that I have lots of photos of them in both the safety scheme and the wet noodle scheme. They sure do put on a great smokey show when they start revving high.

Eric said...

I consider them to be on borrowed time, Michael, and I appreciate them as you do! We need to make memories of them today. And that sound! Not to mention the old RS-18's that have already left us - except on my Hanley Spur layout!

Thanks for your comment,