Saturday, May 16, 2009

CN's Cataraqui Spur, Part 2

CN's Cataraqui Spur continues (see Part 1 here)heading south from Bath Road, through conservation area wetlands. Snowplow service-equipped 4510 pushes covered hopper NAHX 43590 - tank cars DOCX 23507 - DOCX 23501 -transfer caboose 76555 towards Lake Ontario, having just crossed Bath Road in July, 1979. A siding, since lifted, was on the lower part of this segment of the spur, and was used as a run-around track by crews switching the lakeside industries. Stored ballast cars fill the siding in February, 1989:

Here just above Front Road, the spur branched to DuPont and the other industry along the lake: the now-demolished Canada Steamship Lines transfer grain elevator. New Canadian Wheat Board CNWX covered hoppers are at the elevator in early 1981:

In 1984, the rails to the elevator are coated in rust. CSL ships Hochelaga, Nipigon Bay, Metis and T.R. McLagan are laid up, and the Whitefish Bay is at the working side of the elevator.

In February, 1989, 3640 pushes a six-car train towards the sunset, across the third trestle on the spur. The DuPont plant looms in the background. A typical consist includes tank cars of hexamethylene diamine, and covered hoppers of adipic acid. With some exceptions, these cars were in captive service between Kingston and the sister plant in Maitland, which produced chemicals used in Kingston.

Flashing lights were added at the King Street crossing in early June, 1996. The deck of this trestle was replaced in a blitz by a crew of 50 workers and two cranes in July, 1999:

In early 1985, 3732 has a 12-car train in front of the plant, ready to head north to the Kingston Sub. Front Road is in the background. Within 15 minutes, the train will be at the mainline switch.

In January, 1994, 4121 and 4118 are deep in the DuPont plant lifting empty tank cars. Due to plant expansion, this track was removed, and a new unloading track laid east of the plant. A typical consist in February, 1990: 4122 - NCHX 43550 - NCHX 43590 - NCHX 43515 - NCHX 43509 - NAHX 455029 - NAHX 455375 - NCHX 43580 - DOCX 23506 - DOCX 23502 - PROX 73710 - 19537.

On January 25, 2008, CN No 590's consist was 7001 - 4789 - AEX 8755 - ACFX 58568 - PROX 73728 - DOCX 23501 - DOCX 23506 - DOCX 23504. Now that the plant is owned by Invista, reporting cars on tank cars are INVX. To show how captive these cars were, here's a hazmat response form from 1981 for 73728:

A 1967 photo of the elevator shows several ships docked by a Canadian Steamship Lines strike, looks north. The Cataraqui Spur can be seen middle top of photo, then splitting to DuPont and the elevator, past the large range light. (Photo from CSL files at Marine Museum of the Great Lakes, Kingston)
A 1930's colourized postcard view of the elevator looking east:

Loose Caboose postscript: The May, 1986 UCRS Newsletter included a Brian Schuff photo of CP 437010, one of the train-order signal vans profiled in an earlier post. During the installation of CWR on the Carberry Sub west of Winnipeg, 437010 was used to protect a work train near Rosser, Manitoba. 437010 and 437188 were retired in February, 1991. 437010 is preserved in Winnipeg Beach, and 437188 was sold for preservation in Saskatchewan.
Running Extra...
Scott Duffus' Prince Rupert Rail Images has joined Trackside Treasure's blog roll. Another fine source of railway information from BC and the Pacific Northwest, to Alberta and New Brunswick, plus the model railway scene. Be sure to check out the photos Scott posted in early May, showing what happens when a cut of grain cars gets pushed through an enginehouse.
So VIA is going to upgrade the LRC car fleet. Think they'll retrofit the boarding steps to their original hydraulic operation, from their current "clunk" when the train arrives in the station and the doors slide open? Makes one long for the days of Dutch doors and sprung traps.
Finally watched Oscar-winning film "Slumdog Millionaire" the movie, stay for the credits. Massive Bollywood choreographed dance number on platform of Mumbai railway station. Two thumbs up!


Bryan said...

Great pictures in this post. The shots of 590 switching in the late afternoon winter light brings back memories.

Also, thanks for the info about 100-series trains (on Yahoo!).


Eric said...

Hi Bryan, glad you liked those shots. Used to see them switching each night on the way home from work, but now they're down there around 1300 - tough to get away that time of day! Stay tuned for more Kingston switching posts. Amazing how many local maps show trackage that's no longer there.