Friday, November 23, 2018

Postscript 2: VIA Nos 109/110 in 1982

February 13, 1982 No 109 Eng CN 4120 at Brandon
After reading my earlier posts on VIA Nos 109/110, Bill McGuire of Brandon kindly offered to send me some of his photographs for sharing here on Trackside Treasure. This was back in May, 2018. So I'm a little slow. Bill noted that he would often railfan with the great Lawrence Stuckey on Sundays. Hey, "Stuckey Sundays" sure sounds like a thing. Imagine being there. In all weather. Well, now you can through Bill's gracious sharing of these photos which appear herein. This post includes Bill's VIA photos from 1982, and an upcoming post will feature VIA in 1983-1985 plus a few extra goodies.
February 13, 1982 No 109 Eng CN 4120 at Brandon
I want to be very clear about these photos. Bill included slides, smaller and larger format black & white photos. I scanned the prints, but without a slide scanner I laboured to produce some serviceable images of the slides and the accompanying proofs. Any unusual colouration or blurriness are due to my 'redneck scans' and in no way reflect on Bill's photography. There, that's said. Leaving disclaimer land, please enjoy these photos as much as I did - each is captioned with date and location data kindly provided by Bill.
February 14, 1982 No 109 Eng 6512 at Brandon

February 14, 1982  No 109 Eng 6512 at Kemnay

February 20, 1982 No 109 Eng CN 4101 at Brandon

February 21, 1982 No 109 Eng 6513 at Virden

February 21, 1982 No 110 Eng CN 4101 at Virden

March 14, 1982 No 110 Eng 6512 at Brandon

March 1982, No 110 at Kemnay
June 5, 1982 No 109 at Portage la Prairie

June 5, 1982 No 109 Eng 6512 at Portage la Prairie

June 5, 1982 No 110 at Portage la Prairie
June 10, 1982 No 109 with 6131 deadheading at Brandon

June 12, 1982 No 109 Eng 6514 at Brandon meeting No 2

June 12, 1982 No 109 Eng 6514 at Brandon

June 28, 1982 No 109 Eng 6520 at Virden

July 1982, No 109 at Virden

July 1982, No 110
August 22, 1982 No 109 at Virden

Summer, 1982 No 109 at Portage la Prairie
For more on these little trains, please see:
Running extra...

Kingston's new train show Rail Fair debuts tomorrow! A waiting list of vendors/exhibitors seems to indicate success and successive shows succeeding!

Also in Kingston, Canadian Locomotive Co. produced some interesting car loads in the plant's waning years of operation - this post from my new blog on my current modelling interest - Kingston's Hanley Spur. Thanks to CN's Images of Canada collection photo CN001031, we have this transformative Trainmaster photo of CN 3000 on the waterfront with a Martello tower, to boot!
Meanwhile, in Syracuse:


Zartok-35 said...

It appears the Pepin Flyer had an interesting variety of power assignments before the C-class FP9s from Montreal took root in Edmonton. And I for one always enjoy seeing the Passenger 4100s! I wonder if 4120 was re-geared for its stint here.

Eric said...

Indeed, Elijah, my limited exposure to the Winnipeg-Saskatoon train was all ex-CN F-units (even two on one occasion!) and no SGU's due to the time of year, but Bill's Geep exposures turned over a whole new page for me, too!

I'll have to check the schedule and see what the average speed on that run was.
Thanks for your comment,