Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Postscript 1: VIA Nos 109/110

VIA train Nos 109/110 operated between Winnipeg and Saskatoon between November 1981 and June 1984. This pint-sized passenger train was always a treat to see during my trainwatching at Portage la Prairie. In two previous posts, I covered the little trains and their replacement, the Panorama. Now, hot on the heels of these two posts (well, five years later) I bring you this postscript. 
On a trip to Portage la Prairie in 1983, my Dad photographed an interesting train 110. Check out the CP Geep on CN rails! Wonder which CP point it originated in?  His caption for this photo: CP-8812-VIA 6518-one baggage car-one coach. 132 lb rail Sydney. North track - wood ties. South track - cement ties. Train from Saskatoon near the crossing at Newton. Enhanced photo (above) initial scan (below) of print:
Brian Schuff of Winnipeg was a valued contributor to my book Trackside with VIA: Cross-Canada Compendium, and while I've featured Brian's photography on Trackside Treasure before, Brian is now online and able to share more. In this case, photos of these diminutive trains from the early-80s.  VIA 6501 leads a three-car consist with a steam genny:
On a grey day, 6504 leads four cars, with this SGU in CN black & white:
More black & white: 6510 and a two-car consist at Winnipeg's depot:
VIA 6512 blares past blurringly in a winter shot:
VIA 6514 scoots:
VIA 6518 at Portage, enveloped in so much steam we can't really make out the consist very well, though the summer shot featuring VIA 6515 in the top photo is less steam-obscurred:
VIA 6518 at Wilkes Ave. What a good-looking train. You can have your gleaming limiteds and your high-speed European whatevers, but this to me looks quintessentially VIA in the 80s, just before the advent of those boxy F40s!
At Portage Jct., another two-car train:
Here is an account of a 1983 ride on the 'Prairie Schooner' with engine 6521 from travel blogger Jay. And an account of a modern-day trip on the Canadian from his wife Gretta! June 14, 1983 VIA No 110 at Moosomin, SK

Running extra...

Through the lens of Peter Cox, I've been able to supplant a pair of previously-published post photos. CN 570717 blue Car-Go-Rail 57-foot auto transporter boxcar at Vancouver in July, 1963:
and Vancouver Iron & Engineering Works covered hopper CN 380001 as photographed at the builders' yard in April, 1967:
Both these images were kindly scanned by Mark Perry.

Speaking of 1960s classics, CBS' Bob Schieffer just retired after a 46-year career with CBS. Bob is now 78 and started as a radio reporter at the age of 20. He hosted Face the Nation for 24 years. Bob interviews Barack:
Epic fail maybe (American Jeopardy contestants stuck with final category of Canadian Cities) but really...Moose Javians? Speaking of Jeopardy and Canadian Cities, I'll unleash a short round of same during a presentation to the Ottawa Valley of Associated Railroaders next Tuesday. See you in Bytown, b'ys, by George!


Anonymous said...

Via 109 and 110 were good trains to shoot and ride...Many a time to Portage and Brandon just for a ride or shoot and lay-over. Bill Maguire of Brandon would show and share the sights with Stuck and then back home. Sometimes a cab ride or iff crazy full-a ride in the baggage car and a refund.Now thats service.

Eric said...

Great memories, Brian. It was always a minor event when I could see No 109 round the bend at East Tower and humbly amble up to the station. Any smaller and it would have been an RDC!
Thanks for your comment and for sharing those photos. Hope I did them justice!

Anonymous said...

Love the Silver Streak pictures! I have seen the movie many times and forgot that there was a Turbo set at Toronto as the Streak hurtled towards the station.
Andrew Kerr
Sydney Australia

Eric said... Silver Streak! Yes, great movie. When we watched it at the time, little did we know the CP Rail multimarks would soon no longer be used on passenger equipment!

Chris Doering has the best site on Silver Streak filming sites and related trivia:

Thanks for your comment, Andrew.

Zartok-35 said...

Thanks for sharing these excellent photos! VIA's C-class FP9s had their shop assignment changed to Edmonton to work these trains.

Eric said...

Indeed, Elijah. I see that 6513-6515 and 6518-6521 were assigned to Taschereau in July/79 but in June/83 they show assigned to Calder. With the exception of 6516 - a Corridor denizen - at least in 1980 when I observed her blasting by!
Thanks for your comment!

Unknown said...

Eric thanks for sharing about these trains. They were some of my first experiences of train travel!

Eric said...

Glad to hear it, George. We are all about retro AND current trains here at Trackside Treasure!
Thanks very much for your comment,