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VIA's Canadian at Kingston, June-July 1982

From 1981 to 1985, VIA's Canadian operated between Toronto and Montreal over CN's Kingston Sub. My Dad's Kodak 126 Instamatic snapped me and a couple such consists in June and July, 1982. On July 14, the consist was led by strobe-equipped 6537-6623-6871-613-Union Club-5627-3225-5487-5534-123-3230-505-5704-Champlain-Chateau Brule-Chateau Bienville-Cabot Manor-Banff Park. Due to my Dad's fascination with seeing the Canadian up-close in Kingston, we're able to examine this consist before and after the day shown!

Westbound at 1945 on June 25: 6782-6622-6770-607-3224-5617-5587-5584-123-505-5744-Champlain-Chateau Denonville-Chateau Bienville-Cabot Manor-Banff Park.

Westbound at 1939 on July 6: 6778-6625-6541-613-5647-5534-5487-123-3230-505-5704-Champlain-Chateau Brule-Chateau Bienville-Cabot Manor-Banff Park. 

Westbound at 1950 on July 28: 6537-6637-6632-613-5487-5585-5576-123-3205-505-5701-Champlain-Chateau Lasalle-Chateau Brule-Cabot Manor-Banff Park.

Eastbound at 1150 on August 5: 6524-6621-6612-613-Saint James's Club-5603-33225-5533-5626-5576-123-3208-505-5701-Chateau Lasalle-Chateau Brule-Cabot Manor-Banff Park.
Skyline 505 (above and below). Just recently, another Skyline, 8501 was at Kingston.
Likely Chateau Brule:
Banff Park brings up the markers as the train continues east to Montreal:
Thirteen minutes later, a westbound behind 6793-6612 arrives:
On June 26, 1982 I was arriving back in Kingston after a trip aboard VIA to Portage la Prairie. Consist: 6786-6866-6613-601-Union Club-5647-3225-5541-118-122-517-5738-1368-Chateau Rouville ( my car Roomette 4)-Chateau Dollard-Jarvis Manor-Prince Albert Park. Arriving on time at 1145:
Sis alongside Skyline 517:
Reception beside Dayniter 5738. Me with Portage la Prairie sweats, Sam Sonite and Popsicle Pete knapsack in front of an unusual (for this train in this era) ex-CN diner 1368 trails.
Prince Albert Park brings up the markers as the train heads for Montreal:
This is likely the Canadian westbound at 1944 on July 23, the same day my Dad photographed the LRC-hauled Canadian, also at Mi 184 Kingston Sub. Consist: 6529-6637-6632-9664-3231-5595-5439-120-118-3224-513-5718-Palliser-Chateau Montcalm-Chateau Cadillac-Hearne Manor-Tweedsmuir Park:
Thanks, Dad!

Running extra...

We smell a rat! A company called Big Dawg has taken part of Rapido Trains' F40PH-2D body and added a bump to produce an F40PH-3. Catty! Facebookers are having a bird! The good news is, Rapido's F40PH-3 is now a cat out of the bag, while Big Dawg is in the model railroaders' doghouse. Cage match? So far, Rapido has only released a salmon scheme: 
Just think...if that salmon-coloured unit had a GM 567-power plant option on the DCC controller, and it was used on a layout during a night operation session, that could be a SALMON-CHANTED EVENING!!

Don't ever think your layout is too small to host the ubiquitous barge/car float operation. This modeller didn't:

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