Sunday, December 6, 2015

Freight Cars at Belleville, November 2015

Having christened this The Year of Photographing the Mundane, I'd like to present some rolling stock photos taken during our recent visit to the Quinte Region, more specifically Shannonville and Belleville. Similar to my recent Covered Hopper Cornucopia post, there's nothing really special or unique about these cars. They're entirely representative of what's rolling by on CN's Kingston Sub these days, largely unremarked and unphotographed. Until now...
The eastbound intermodal that arrived just as I did was plowing east (top photo) and included a CP three-pack with CN containers, CP 523198 (above), and a Kleysen Transportation Solutions box single-stacked:
Feeling reflective, I tried to angle the frame just right to get both the actual double-stacks and their reflection in my van's hood surface. I'll admit this angle is a little more other-worldly than it is mundane!
CN No 376 was arriving at Elmwood Drive for a crew change. Choose your preferred animal analogy: Fish in a Barrel or Sitting Duck. Either way, these cars were easy targets! Ferric chloride for municipal water is what Eaglebrook tank car EAGX 20001 does best:
Sheet steel scene-stealers! This bulkhead flat has had its bulkheads shortened, perhaps to save tare weight to allow more steel to be loaded? TTGX 84879:
Giving a Green Light to Innovation, Southern Railway (now Norfolk Southern-owned) bulkhead flats are also carrying sheet steel.
SOU  116175 (above) and SOU 116103 (below):
Once in a while, (well, twice in this post) CP rolling stock shows up here on CN. This is covered hopper CP Rail/SOO 116048:
Brown and flatsided, BNSF 428966 is only minimally-graffiti'd:
Old-school, with logo, CGTX 18490 is likely carrying pitch. Notice the surviving CGTX logo and reporting marks lettering. Not often seen these days:
CN No 518 arrives from the Bath Spur, hauling eleven diminutive LAFX, ADLX, BNBX, CEFX and TILX cement covered hopper cars such as LAFX 60160 followed by CEFX 96485:

Running extra...

As Christmas approaches, greetings of the season to all Trackside Treasure's loyal readers! I trust your Christmas preparations are still proceeding. There's lots of time left! Don't stress. I certainly don't, though my wife says there's really nothing that I have to do. I just show up. 

As do CN section forces, carmen and Geep 4121 on my HO-scale Vancouver Wharves layout. They're all working together to load the Golden Nativity Scene aboard a depressed-centre flat car for display in a nearby Vancouver park! Do you see what I see? Perhaps you would like to hear what I hear, here.


Michael said...

I was just thinking about those old CGTX tank cars the other day, which were a common site around Sarnia on various CN lines and the CSX Sarnia Sub. That was a great catch. Thanks for sharing that photo. Good memories!

Eric said...

Thanks for your thoughts on the CGTX's, Michael. Yes, indeed once common. I still question whether they are mundane these days!

I have some other photos of the CGTX pitch cars with onboard heaters. They'll be in an upcoming Classic Canadian Freight Cars post!