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Postscript 3: VIA Nos 109/110 in 1983-1985

February 1983, No 109 meet
Following 'on the block' of the previous portentous postscript post, I'm pleased to showcase more of Bill McGuire's work in this post. This post includes more varied views of Winnipeg-Saskatoon train Nos 109/110 beginning in 1983.
February 1983, No 109 meeting CP freight
I want to be very clear about these photos. Bill included slides, smaller and larger format black & white photos. I scanned the prints, but without a slide scanner I laboured to produce some serviceable images of the slides and the accompanying proofs. Any unusual colouration or blurriness are due to my 'redneck scans' and in no way reflect on Bill's photography. There, that's said. Leaving disclaimer land, please enjoy these photos as much as I did - each is captioned with date and location data kindly provided by Bill.
March 23, 1983 No 109 led by CN Geep at Brandon

June 28, 1983 No 109

June 1983, No 109

June 1983, No 110 Eng 6520 at Portage la Prairie

July 18, 1983 No 110 at Chater

July 18, 1983 No 109 at Brandon

July 18, 1983 No 109 departing Brandon

October 1983, No 110 at Portage la Prairie

January 1984, Brandon

March 1984, No 109 at Kemnay

May 1, 1985 No 3 Eng 6514 at Portage la Prairie

Head end of Royal Train facing west at Brandon
On July 15, 1982 a Royal Train with consist: CP 8528-8517-CP Strathcona-CP Killarney-VIA 103-Governor General cars No 1 and 2 brought Princess Anne to Brandon. Bill was down by the station to catch the train being wyed:
Tail end of Royal Train facing west at Brandon

Royal Train wyed and returning to station

Royal Train wyed and returning to station
Running extra...

CBS' John Blackstone is stepping away from regular CBS reporting. Tonight's CBS News with Jeff Glor included a parting shot of John sipping wine in the control room with colleagues. Like all good things, John came from Canada.

December is upon us. That can mean only one thing. Christmas! Forget the fact that the retail calendar has been foisting Chestnuts, Rudolph and Olive the Other Reindeer on us for the past two months. It's on, now! The advent of the festive season includes a few of my favourite things...Christmas carols, fruitcake and impending online greeting cards sent by my fellow rail enthusiasts....
...and one of my least favourite things - those hokey, treacley faux-Christmas movies I'm seeing on the W Network and City-TV. Most are filmed in the southern mainland of BC. In July. With fake snow. And cocoa cups completely empty! My wife likes them, though. And I know she won't be reading this critique. "What's that, honey? The movie's starting? OK, I'll be right there. I'm just finishing up this pos


Steve Boyko said...

Love those photos of 109 and 110 - a great train to model!

I believe one of those two Governor General cars on the end of the Royal Train was the one Trudeau The First was on when he flipped the bird in Salmon Arm. I saw it at Three Valley Gap.
Story about the car

Eric said...

Yes, that was a most unintended use for those special cars, Steve! They were in more noble service transporting the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh to Kingston where I observed the train in 1984.

Thanks for your comment,

Robert Archer said...

Some years ago we went past the Home Hardware store in Clarkson and they were filming a Christmas scene. I don't know whether a commercial or a scene for a movie but was on a steamy hot July evening.
There was fake snow galore too.
Merry (Fake ) Christmas ...Ho Ho Ho.

Where did trains 109 and 110 run to?
Winnipeg and where?

Eric said...

HH = Home of the Handyman!

These trains operated between Winnipeg and Saskatoon. In 1984, their run was extended to Edmonton as the Panorama. See a related post.
Merry Christmas to you too, Robert.