Sunday, August 7, 2016

Postscript - Eighth Anniversary Contest

At the stroke of midnight, Steve Boyko sent his correct answers - for each word and the puzzle answers. A nocturnal four hours later, Walker Coe responded with both puzzle answers. Perhaps I should publish a morning edition for Trackside Treasure's dedicatedly diurnal readers (publishing times and days are not scheduled)! Congratulations to Steve and Walker! The Eighth Anniversary Trackside Treasure prize packs are already on their way to your respective mailboxes!

Honourable mentions go to:
  • Malcolm (nearly omniscient Napanee OS'er!)
  • Tim (solved both!)
  • Michael (thinking of a visit to Tim Norton's!)
  • Allison (family discount!)
  • Jason (pen-filled pdf's!)
  • Randy (red-inked pdf's!)
  • Bryan (from the Lakehead!)
The answers were indeed: Half-Baked and Good Ideas. Thanks to all who entered, thereby filling my inbox for several hours after the post was published. I appreciate your entries, your good wishes and kind comments, and this post will have to serve as acknowledgement instead of personal replies. Thank you!

While these two answers do indeed describe the genesis of most Trackside Treasure posts, I add some experience to leaven, ruminated research to please the palate, prototype photos to please the eye, and levity as a final garnish.


Steve Boyko said...

Thanks, Eric! I took some time out of camping north of Winnipeg to enter the contest... glad I got in :)

Eric said...

Camping activities: swatting mosquitoes, roasting marshmallows and entering Trackside Treasure contest. It works!

Thanks for playing the home edition, er, camp edition, Steve!
And congratulations!