Sunday, August 7, 2016

Pop-up Post:CN Nos 368/369, August 2016

CN 8868 leads through a forest of lineside poles and hydro wires
The first of what may be more...Pop-up Post! Some photos I took that are presented with a minimum of interpretation, detail, research, formatting or reflection...Trackside Treasure instant gratification, as it were. Enjoy the passage of CN trains No 368 and 369 an hour apart this morning just east of Mi 179 Kingston Sub, from five storeys up. Let the story begin:
CN 8868
SRCX 4096 carbon car
SRCX 3052 carbon car
CN 388408
Colourfully-tagged CNA 404471
Westlake Polymers WLPX 26049
Empty scrap gon AIMX 15208
AIMX 15252
ACFX 51120 OMYA covered hopper
CN 388619 with different reporting marks font
DPU IC 2714. Chris, I See you're paying attention!
WC boxcar having a graffiti-bedecked 'year/jahr'
ICG 978727 empty bulkhead flat car
CN predecessor scrap tie gon loads ICG 295074 and CC 245047
HPJX predecessor! CN 618228 ingot flat car
The future! HPJX 52357
No 369 power 2878-2677
WWUX 4750-4405
BN 462031
BN 461246 with large BN logo
SLSF 86617 no coonskin in sight
 A symphony of swooshes
A concert of centre-beams
CNIS 368251 repaint with ingots following
Long and lumbering CN 598285-598162
DPU 2821
Ingots aboard CN 618102
I used to be CN...Interstate Commodities INTX 38011
Covered today, gon tomorrow MWCX 200463-200509 and friends
Predecessor scrap tie hopper empties: WC, BLE and SSAM
Chciago Central 40218
Ex-BN WC 33062 and IC 365324
The Creature! or It Came From the Hump Yard!


Zartok-35 said...

Nice poles, Eric! I miss those old things. Used to be lots of em' along the Watrous sub out at Riverview and Clavet.

Eric said...

I will not. Be. Sorry. When they are finally removed, fall down or are replaced by two-storey high trackside vegetation due to CN's lack of RoW maintenance. Tough to try to fit cars between them for photos!
Thanks for your comment, Elijah.