Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Cars on CN Nos 376/369/305, May 2016

St Lawrence & Atlantic SLR 109 
On Saturday, May 7 I was trackside along CN's Kingston Sub in Belleville, ON. On a previous visit to Belleville on March 12, I found myself photographing two things: passing CN and VIA trains, and the cars CN was hauling. On both days, CN Nos 376 (Toronto to Riviere des Prairies, QC) and 305 (Moncton to Toronto) made an appearance. On May 7, CN No 369 (Arvida to Toronto) also put in an appearance. Some mundane cars on these three trains caught my eye, and I'll share them in captioned photos in this post. Mid-track cars are on 376, near-track cars are mostly on 305 and some 369.
WC 84624-84194

CN 388803 with some flaming autumnal graffiti

TTUX 891193-881200 highly-secure enclosed bilevels

AXLX 20072 salt cars - your choice graffiti or rust!

UNPX120701 sodium chlorate service cylindrical

SR 530724-NS 412000 hey y'all!
This Arizona Eastern, ex-Southern Pacific ingot service car is one of the few 40-foot boxcars produced in the 1970s. A modelling article here.
Spray-painted details are on many AZER cars like AZER 77025 

CN 598197 with an unusual open-door policy

BN 461908 rare to see a large "BN" logo!

CN 625306 lumber-hauler or in this case, ingots

DWC 409665 pre-owned

CBTX 784471 propane tank car built 12-2015

PROX 17099 sulfuric acid tiny tank car

Unimin Corporation WWUX 6099

GACX 13612 - this is NOT Archer Daniels Midland's new paint scheme!

Running extra...

Railroader and model railroader Steve Lucas is blogging about the Midland Railway in 1956. Looking forward to lots of engrossing posts from Steve.

The RCMP Musical Ride is coming to Kingston this year. Currently they're strutting their stuff in the UK, at the Windsor Horse Show, including special performances for the Queen's 90th Birthday celebrations.

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