Friday, April 22, 2016

CGTX Pitch Tankcars

Hawker-Siddeley built unplacarded pitch AAR T104 tankcars in the CGTX 184xx-185xx-series operated by Canadian General Transit (later GATX Rail Canada). These cars are equipped with heating pipes:
Originating in Hamilton, pitch (for aluminum and electrode graphite industries) is shipped to Shawinigan, Arvida, Trois Rivieres and Becancour, QC. VFT, the company producing pitch in Hamilton also produces creosote, which until a few years, was used by CP and shipped in CP Service tank cars. VFT is located off Strathearne Avenue in Hamilton. (according to Lance Brown, Conductor Railink-Southern Ontario)

CGTX 18472 (top); CGTX 18466 (two views, above) and CGTX 18477 were on a stopped CN No 368 west of Kingston, ON on June 24, 2012. Of course these cars looked better with their original reporting marks stencil style, no yellow conspicuity striping and the blue and white CGTX logo as seen in the top photo!

My observations including date, reporting marks, CN train on and remarks:
Apr 3/99 CGTX 18498-18512 on No 366
May 1/99 CGTX 18515 on No 366
Jan 14/01 CGTX 18521-18506 to Shawinigan, QC on No 364
Mar 10/01 CGTX 18504-18508-18520 on No 364
Aug 30/01 CGTX 18506-18508 No 363
Sep 14/04 CGTX 18428 and three others No 369
Jun 11/05 CGTX 18513 No 368
Mar 25/06 CGTX 18439-18456 No 369
Jul 19/08 CGTX 18504-18513-18471-18476 on No 369
Nov 9/08 CGTX 18480 No 369
Jun 24/12 CGTX 18480-18477-18472-18461-18466 (photos)
Sep 28/13 CGTX 18468 and two others CN No 369

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Unknown said...

Hi Eric,

What would the CP service cars in the header be used for? Never quite figured out what 'service' means in this context.


Eric said...

Those would be boarding, office and tool cars for maintenance-of-way workers. Service was just CP's term for equipment no longer in revenue service, but downgraded to maintenance-of-service - including said boarding cars, snowplows, Jordan spreaders and more!
Thanks for your question and comment!

Michael said...

I seem to recall when the CGTX lettering was outlined in blue. I was just thinking about those the other day.

Eric said...

Yes, it was an eye-catching logo, especially on a black, or white car!
Thanks for your comment, Michael.