Monday, April 4, 2016

Cars on CN Nos 305/376, March 2016

CN 624590 with Irving lumber load
All freight cars, all the time! Here's some photographic detail depicting the cars of CN Nos 305 and 376 seen at Belleville on March 12, 2016. First, CN No 305's Toronto-bound cars, with each photo captioned.
Carbon car TCMX 96147
Carbon car ECQX 47096
Enclosed bilevel autorack TTUX 891176
Pressure-differential covered hopper FAXX 292
GNRR 7329 with Irving lumber load
CNA 330335 one of 110 ex-LEF&C 3600-4115 hoppers
Two cuts of CN predecessor-road scrap tie cars and a few assorted cars from CN No 376. I profiled a cut of these mundane but interesting tie service cars in Kingston in 2012
BLE 65528
SSAM 33262 was formerly KCPX Kansas City Power & Light
IC 387185
ex-BN WC 33131
IC 365413
One of four IC (ex-NKCR) gons IC 3784, 3790, 3786, 3778
BLE 65092 complete with Bessemer logo
Part of the CN family for 20 years - Chicago Central CC 40145
BLE 1751 (ex-Route Rock)
Fleetmate BLE 1752 also shows Route Rock lineage.
BLE 65588
BLE 1607 with at right
Sodium chlorate CGLX 60911 covered hopper
Logo-less bright-blue BM 3347
Graffiti'd FBOX 504257
One of ten plain-jane ACFX covered hoppers on the tailend ACFX 66555
CEFX 302115 on No 305
PTEX 21227 on No 305
Running extra...

Hours of fun for the traveller, railfan or VIAphile. VIA Rail Canada has launched real-time Corridor train tracking with maps, speed and upcoming stops. Updates every minute. Speeds seem faster in...metric. Have fun! 
Before CN ceased passenger service on the former Thousand Islands Railway between Gananoque Junction, on CN's Kingston Sub, and the waterfront Gananoque station, an eclectic collection of passenger equipment and locomotives had the duty. Vintage Gananoque Facebook group photo, dated 1953 shows a wooden combine at the waterfront station. Watch for an upcoming post on CN's Gananoque Spur and the CN wayfreights that served it. Thanks for the inspiration, Jakob!
Richly-deserved! Winnipeg's foremost keyboardist and straight-up rocker Burton Cummings inducted into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame during the 2016 JUNO Awards. Juno that before I told you?


GP9Rm4108 said...

Why would you state that your CC 40145 is ex Chicago Central? It still is!

Eric said...

Thanks for the additional information, Chris. I am hereby appointing you Trackside Treasure's Mergers & Acquisitions Specialist, with special duties in predecessor roads and giant Grand Trunk Corporation corporate property buyouts. That CC paint scheme sure stands out and attracts attention trackside!

GP9Rm4108 said...

Indeed it does!

As I am sure you are aware, CCP was part of the IC and now, of course, CN.

There are CC cars running around with new paint and the CN noodle. Have an eye for them!

Are you aware of what the SSAM is?

Michael said...

Ex-Rock Island car. Wow. That car is a survivor. I love that retro paint scheme. I'm not sure any other railway had a livery that was as creative as that one. Great find.

Eric said...

SSAM is Sault Ste Marie Bridge Co. The Rock lives on in several formats, though this is one of the more subtle ones.

Thanks Chris and Michael for your comments!