Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Postscript: Fourth Anniversary Contest

And we have a winner! Congratulations to Jakob Mueller, the winner of Trackside Treasure's fourth anniversary contest.  He will soon be receiving the Trackside Treasure prize pack, full of unique railway items (no, not that air hose I have in the garage - maybe for next year's contest). Jakob's entry was the first correct response received.  He creatively started with the MacArthur Park clue then worked in reverse to effectively and exactly execute the elucidation the expected car names.  

Honourable mentions:  
My sister even solved it!  She also cued on the cake reference, Googling Donna Summer, ending up on a hobby shop page listing of Rapido Trains E-series cars.  Both she and Jakob enjoyed, but were not fooled by the red herring sleeper names.  Just for the record, there was definitely no car named 'Eltonjohn'.  Ian Lisakowski also guessed correctly. Kelly Corbett relied on the internet, no Trackside Guide required and came up with the correct response.  

Thanks to everyone for your replies.  You get an 'E' for Effort, Extreme Efficiency, Efficaciousness and Exemplary Exactitude. Excellent!  Also, thanks for all the comments and good wishes on Trackside Treasure's fourth!  

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