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CR-GTW-DWP-NS Locomotives on CN 1994-1998

In addition to leasing several fleets of locomotives from leasing companies in the mid- to late-1990's, CN also borrowed power from connecting US railroads and its former subsidiaries.  Some, but not all of these trains on the Kingston Sub were run-through trains from west of Toronto.  In 1998, the introduction of CN's service plan meant that all manifest trains would henceforth terminate at Toronto's MacMillan Yard.  These fleets included:
-CR SD45-2 6654-6666 (ex-EL) November 1996.
-CR SD40-2 6425, 6426, 6429, 6430, 6433-6435, 6438-6441, 6443, 6444, 6448, 6450, 6453, 6462, 6466, 6470-6479, 6482, 6484, 6492, 6499, 6513 January/November 1997.
-NS C30-7 8003, 8004, 8006, 8007, 8008, 8012, 8013, 8022, 8024, 8025, 8029, 8035, 8046, 8050, 8051, 8053, 8062, 8063, 8070, 8073, 8079, 8080-8082 (ex-NW) March/June 1997.
-CR C39-8 6000, 6002, 6004, 6007, 6010-6019, April 1997

On April 13, 1995 5329-GTW 5800-EMD Leasing 813 cross the short bridge just east of Kingston station (top).  All photos in this post at Kingston unless otherwise noted.  Ex-UP CNNA 5379 leads GTW 5921-CNNA 5364 westbound (above).  A year-and-a-half later, GTW 5921 is plying the Kingston Sub again on September 14, 1996, and has just entered Belleville yard with three other units, 5305-9545-9401-GTW 5921:
Same class, new paint scheme.  Repainted in the CNNA scheme and sublettered GTW, 5900 and 3501 pull a westbound freight at Mi 180 Kingston Sub on January 18, 1997:
Near Mi 179 Kingston Sub, elephant-style 9471-2338-GTW 5916-2115 are eastbound on March 9, 1997. At this point, M-636 2338 has been un-re-retired and is still earning its keep:
Also near Mi 178, 'Delivered With Pride' Duluth, Winnipeg & Pacific 5909 trails 9656 and leads Conrail 6449 on CN train No 335 on March 28, 1998:
Buffalo- and Chicago-bound trains were often assigned US power.  Class unit 5600 leads conrail 6709-6228 in an eye-catching power consist at Belleville on a cloudy April 8, 1996:
CR SD50 6709 and Conrail Quality C40-8W 6228 photographed from Belleville's station platform:
Also at Belleville - three units, three owners, two builders, one train.  CN No 395 on March 27, 1997 enters the yard westbound behind 5678-CR 6453-NS 8082
Another NS C30-7, 8013 is behind 5641-9628 westbound on May 18, 1997:
An 85-car train No 368 has eclectic power consist.  Forget the first unit - look what's trailing 5606.  CNNA GTW-sublettered GP40-2 6423 with thick CN wet-noodle logo-GMD1 1422-Conrail C39-8 6016:
In the next post, I'll include more power consists from this interesting time...

Running extra...

Had a listen to Bruce Catton's American Heritage History of the Civil War.  Having read this book years ago, I was interested to re-learn that while the best-known first shots of the war may have been at Fort Sumter, there were earlier killings of civilians opposed to a government land-grants-to-railways plan aimed at settling the west.  These shots were fired by Union soldiers, giving rise to the 'civil' war moniker.

Dwight D. Eisenhower arrived in Halifax.  No, not the U.S. President, the steam engine named for him. Many photos of the move here.  A classic photo of DDE with US paratroopers before D-Day.

I thought it was DDE who said the following quote: "It is amazing how much can be accomplished if no one cares who gets the credit."  But it was actually English novelist Charles Edward Montague, and the quote was later popularized by Harry S Truman.  But I'll take credit for sharing it here, and I use the quote often.

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