Wednesday, July 5, 2023

Railstream Webcam Highlights, Part 6

PMLX 1004 - one of 25 in the fleet on CN No 372 - May 1
This will be the sixth and final instalment in this six-post series highlighting CN Kingston Subdivision goodies that have passed the Belleville Railstream webcam over the fall, winter and spring. The images, all courtesy of Railstream, LLC in this post are from May and June. Part 5 includes a link to links to all previous posts.
WC Heritage Unit 3006 mid-train DPU on westbound intermodal - May 5

CN No 319 Eng 5799 w/Siemens test coach SIIX 4301 (at NRC since Dec/22) - May 8 at 0445

GTW 6224 with CNNA 9449 on CN No 518 - May 11

Backhoe-assisted tie replacement at crossing - May 13

 OTTX 132043-132048 with idlered bridge span loads on CN No 305 - May 13

Refurbished VIA diner Kent trailing VIA No 61 - May 13

BNSF 2317 with CN 3063 on CN No 372 - May 14

VWCX 5060-5059-5002-5000 containers trailing 372 sodium cyanide used in mining - May 16

Very old CNNA 9677 with very new 3311 on CN No 372 - May 16

 Brownish GTW 138329 on CN No 377 - May 18

60-foot Canadian Tire containers on WB intermodal - May 18

VIA 1720 panorama car trails VIA No 42 - May 20

IC Heritage Unit 3008 leads CN No 305 - May 29

GTW 6224 handles CN No 518 from Port Hope solo - June 5
VIA panorama car 1722 and deadhead 8139 trail VIA No 42 - June 8
NKLX 201130 'cowboys and cops' graffiti on CN No 377 - June 9

With the removal of buffer car from VIA Corridor trains and the passing of the CN Zero is Possible train, my Railstream webcam subsciption ceased for the summer. It was always interesting to see what would pass across the screen next. Railstream provided many hours of trackside enjoyment during the long months.

Running extra...

Sad to hear the almost-certain demise of Winnipeg's Vulcan Iron Works, located hard by CP's trackage along Sutherland Avenue (MHS photo - above) in a major fire Tuesday. I modelled the structure on my Winnipeg, Vancouver and Vermont layout iterations, below being incorporated into Rutland, VT's Howe Scale Company:
Almost all Youtube videos aboard VIA's Canadian seek to explain exactly the same facets of the trip in new and novel ways to viewers. "Here we are in Capreol!" or "Let's see the rest of the train!" or "Well, it's time to eat again!". This video does so unexpectedly unprecociously, given that the couple posting it are travelling in Prestige Class. In the Park car! I'm sure the $4,500 USD per-person one-way Toronto-Vancouver one-way fare quoted was actually more - why does that seem like a bargain to me?

I would never be a Prestige Class passenger. I've long decried the advent of the "Three-Class Canadian" and its un-Canadian snooty feel with Economy - Sleeper - Prestige classes. I know VIA has to make back some of its losses on the backs, and wallets, of rich travellers. I've also taken some heat for my attitude to these passengers, but believe me, it's from personal experience. And we all arrive at the same time, waiting for the same baggage to appear! So if you want to pay more than the $800 we paid to travel Kingston-Edmonton (mostly in a non-Prestige bedroom) back in 2019, GoFundMyTrip!

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