Monday, June 29, 2020

Canada Day 2020

This will be a Canada Day unlike any other in living memory. There is a lot out there we do not want to celebrate. Like a global pandemic that will affect the usual Canada Day parades and pie-eating contests. But I'd rather focus on pandemic positivity. What is happening that has 'been a good thing'?

In the railfan world, we have five Canadian Pacific units commemorating each of our Armed Forces and the anniversary of D-Day. CP also has former Central Maine & Quebec (now their) units running across its system in silver and blue generating interest and innumerable digital photos. Hoist a moose head to them and their logo, railfans!

VIA hasn't been running very much, especially Western long-haul, so we were treated to Canadian equipment being deadheaded across the system, and especially here over CN's Kingston Sub!

A lot of model railroaders have been home working on their layouts, me included. Heck, even Jason Shron is working on his layout, just not on its blog.

When I piloted the Model & Railfan Local 2020 initiative early in this annus horribilis, I never dreamed there would be a lockdown that would facilitate same. It seemed like a nice, quaint idea worth promoting. But now?

Whether you're modelling your local area, railfanning same or doing neither, take this opportunity to find something positive in our national situation. We've been through lots worse in our history! These are some of the best things we can do to honour our country:
  • Resist outright stupidity. 
  • Rebel against peer pressure. 
  • Revel in independent thinking. 
  • Make safety a priority in your family and your community.
  • Defend, don't just defund.
(Top photo - Moraine Lake)
 Pop-up Canada Day contest time!
Identify three 'Canadian train terms' in this word cloud (above). Send your correct ID's by email to mile179kingstonATyahooDOTca and you'll win a nationally-coveted Trackside Treasure prize pack. (Remember, they're train terms - just because a train goes to Edmonton doesn't make Edmonton a train term!)
Thanks for all the entries. Contest is now closed.
Here is the word cloud before I added  the 'Canadian train terms'.

And after:
My apologies to diversity, mickey and 1867 for being replaced. 
Correctly guessing the answers I added were:
Brian Sulley, Mike Ferrell, Lee G., Eric May, Steve Hoshel, and Mark Wittrup

Honourable mentions to:
Steve Boyko and J.P. and Eric May for alternate answers.
Maple Leaf was already in the word cloud, and it is the name of the Amtrak train to New York City.
CAD is also in the word cloud, but I think they intended it to mean Canadian Dollars.

Happy Canada Day!

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