Thursday, March 7, 2019

Postscript: Flexliner in VIA Service

VIA's Flexliner was a very photogenic little train during its time in Canada in 1996-1997. I've taken this wintry opportunity to scan some slides of the Flexliner that have been languishing in my collection. These slides were taken in a variety of locations. January 26, 1997 at Hamilton (top photo).
 A snowy February 12, 1997 at London (above and below)

 February 17, 1997 coming and going at Poplar Road (above and below)
March 3, 1997 at Ottawa (below) with fuel truck nearby. Note the stored Park car - photos of these classy cars taken by the same photographer are in this post.

Running extra...

A busy few days ahead. I'm presenting a PowerPoint to the Associated Railroaders of Kingston (ARK) March meeting Tuesday night. Hello, Denny's club sandwich! Topic will be....Kingston's Hanley Spur - the prototype, my modelling, and our ARK Hanley Spur module group. 
This weekend is the 30th annual Kingston Rail-o-Rama both days at the Ambassador Resort Hotel...

...staffing the ARK table for couple hours on Saturday with Dave, Andy, Paul, Alex and Raul, then it was over to Liz Reid's table and finding some amazing photos from Tim Reid's collection, supporting Bereaved Families of Ontario; Paul with printed material at the Bytown table, Bob's switching layout, good ol' Peter Macdonald and a Rutland boxcar (a little too late?) at Michel Bellehumeur's table; irrigational lunch with Binghamton's own Kevin Ingraham where we discussed archives, books, Crosscuts and militaria. 
Speaking of home layouts, I'm operating a steam double-header on the Cataraqui Northern Lines in the winter of 1971-72. Though the steam and diesel locomotives aren't turning any wheels these days, that Athearn Texaco tankcar TCX 270 with sprung trucks is currently spotted at Imperial Oil downstairs! L.C. Gagnon photo scanned by David J. Gagnon.
Ten years later, Turbos were in their last summer season in 1982, meeting at Kingston (online auction site photo).

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