Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Christmas 2018

Ever since our National Broadcaster put a 'ban' on the 1944 chestnut "Baby, It's Cold Outside" the rebel in me, and in a lot of people, has finally found a cause. Written by Frank Loesser, I'd say compared to a lot of the openly bigoted/misogynistic/inappropriate/questionable/parent advisory songs out there, this one's as tame as unspiked eggnog. But every fruitcake has a few nuts, and they've risen to the surface this Christmas!
As a way to say Merry Christmas to Trackside Treasure's readers, get the banned song bouncing around in your brain then try these lyrics!

I really must say (Baby it's cold Trackside)
It's almost Christmas day (Baby let's blog Trackside)
I really must stay (well it's been ten years)
Some topics have strayed (could be the beers)

Hey what's in this drink (Did someone say beer?)
Sure makes me think (Well that's nice to hear!)
It's time to pass on... (wait what did he say??)
...Christmas greetings, hold on! (apprehension at bay!)

'Tis the end of '18 (We've got a great team)
What a good year it's been (Bring on 2019!)

But I really must say,
Baby it's cold Trackside!

Chris will be planning again (John L. and his fine M&M)
Boyko will be out in the cold (Bern's Civil War never gets old)
Hammond will be nailing it down (and Dutka will be gluing it down)
Brother Dave will be running a scan (Lachance's modelling? I'm a fan)
Fuller will be Trackside as well (Simpson's mining a deep well)

But now I must go (Here's your toque, what's your hurry?)
It's starting to snow (Posts come weekly, not in a flurry)
But I really must say 
Baby it's cold Trackside
and Merry Christmas!!

Normally, it's the Running Extra section here...but at the end of the ellipsis is the excellent E-card exchange. I'm pleased to share festive greetings from  fellow bloggers, merry modellers and evergreen enthusiasts! 
Steve Hoshel
World's next author Mark Perry from snowy Manitoba!
Also from Manitoba, Jim Burnside
Modeller of Portage Randy O'Brien
Gary Hadfield
Paul Hunter
From Mi 182 Kingston Sub, Andre Gerow
Blog partner Steve Boyko
Rob Leachman, New Brunswick

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