Thursday, May 18, 2017

VIA Discount Tuesdays Re-re-imagined

VIA Rail Canada keeps sending us an unending stream of photos via their Facebook page that call out for creative captioning. Smug hipsters, doe-eyed university students or well-off baby boomers show VIA at its travelling finest. But what's the story behind the photo? What are those models really thinking as they enter the world of stock photography? In a previous Discount Tuesdays Re-imagined post, I gave some possible inklings. And here are a few more!

Running extra...

McDonald's Dollar Drink Days are on again. Pop, iced coffee, lemonade, smoothies...take your pick. Lots of people say, "I'd never eat at McDonald's!" but that doesn't mean you can't drink there. Please, just the aforementioned beverages. Nothing in a brown paper McDonald's bag!
I'm not going to ignore the elephant in the room. Actually, the elephant in the elephant cage. And our Canadian beaver shares the cage with the American elephant! Trackside Treasure sends good-natured concern to our American readers and neighbours during this time of temerity and trepidation. However, it is said that in a democracy, the people get the government they deserve. East of Cardinal, ON (above) with northern New York across the river.
Throwback Thursday. Wayback Wednesday. How about Couple On A Caboose Day? When every train on your model railway has to end with a caboose. Or a van. Or crummy, hack, brain-box, waycar what-have-you. OK, I have too manny (above) and I'm going to sell some off in an upcoming sale!


Craig said...

Oh man you outdid yourself this time with the captions....especially the "we left the silverware in Winnipeg..."

Eric said...

Oh, and the plates. And the coffee cups.
Thanks for your kind comments, Craig.

Unknown said...

I saw many of those Algoma Central Gons here in NS as well carrying steel to the Hawker Siddeley plant in my hometown of Trenton, NS back in the 80's.