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VIA's ex-CP Canadian Cars - Scrapped!

In September 1978, CP transferred 169 cars of its 173 Budd-built Canadian fleet to VIA. The following scrapped cars were no longer on CP's active passenger roster at the time of the transfer to VIA:
  • CP 3011 and 3014 scrapped by CP after being damaged in a washout in Terrace Bay, ON on April 17, 1965 (top photo) along with U-series tourist sleeper 'Upton' and locomotives 1401-1906 which became parts sources for CP GP-35's! Reports of  crew operating through 10 mph slow order for the previous washout at track speed.
  • 128 scrapped by CP after being damaged in a rockslide near Revelstoke, Clanwilliam, BC on August 26, 1968. Thanks to Bruce Chapman for sharing a fascinating clipping of this unfortunate incident:
  • Fundy Park retired after collision at Gull Lake, SK in August, 1959 
Included in the transfer were Glacier Park, Revelstoke Park and Yoho Park, all of which had been stored at Glen Yard in the early 1970's, after normal wear-and-tear and minor accidents. The three were used as part sources for other Park cars - subsequently returned to service by VIA.

VIA retired some of the Budd-built cars in the mid-80's, reportedly during a 'house-cleaning'. Perhaps a 'yard-cleaning' would be a more appropriate term:
  • 114 retired by VIA in 1980's, for parts in Winnipeg as of 1984, observed through Ottawa, still in CP colours, on a CN freight in April 26, 1986.
  • 508 in CP Rail colours in Montreal 1977 (note Jim Sandilands caption info re: derailment at top of online photo - I have not found any detail on this incident), deep in Pointe St Charles yard in November 1981, retired 1982, coupled to Dayliners 905x at the end of a track, still sidelined for parts in Montreal as of 1984, at Pointe St Charles in June 1985, scrapped in late 1980's. Thanks to Dave Chalmers for corroborating the above information.
  • 603 damaged in rockslide near Revelstoke, BC in 1970's, retired for parts in Montreal as of 1984. Winnipeg's Mike Lisowski recalls 603 being moved through Winnipeg still in CP Rail colours, approximately 1985, for scrapping at Mandak Metals.
  • diners Alhambra, Cartier and Selkirk received unserviceable from CP, not operated by VIA. The three diners were sold to VIA based on their depreciated book value, with no allowances for condition or lack of parts. One or more of the diners was kept as stationary dining car training at the Glen (per Earl Roberts). Selkirk was reported at Glen Yard in 1975-76 with corner damage, and parts removed were tagged for replacement if the car ever re-entered service. Due to reduced need for CP diners in the pre-VIA era, this was unlikely! This 1977 view shows a diner at the Glen. Cartier and Selkirk were still at Pointe St Charles shops in June, 1985. All three diners were sold for scrap in 1985.
Three Park cars were not included in the Head End Power rebuilding program, retired in autumn, 2001:
  • Algonquin Park, sold to Luxury Rail Car/Bill Harman in 2004
  • Riding Mountain Park, sold to Harry S Purnell/Adrian & Blissfield RR in 2004
  • Sibley Park, moved to the Canadian Railway Museum in St-Constant, QC in August, 2004.
The three unrebuilt domes, photographed at Ottawa 1996 where they were stored from October 1993 to December 1998 ( photo) from left to right: Riding Mountain Park, Sibley Park and Algonquin Park:
The demise of CP 508 - photographed in a Quebec City-area scrap yard in August 1987, John Godfrey photo:
This photo shows CP Dayliner 9020, held for parts until scrapping in 1985, and look behind it - a diner! With other ex-CN equipment and a wrecked dome. Pointe St Charles, Pierre Fournier railpictures photo:
The following Budd-built cars in VIA service were retired by VIA over the last 30 years:
  • 513, 617 scrapped after Hinton, AB derailment in February, 1986.
  • Aylmer Manor retired due to fire damage in Toronto''s TMC, January 1987. Hulk used in HEP conversion project.
  • 8111, 8115, 8121, 8607, Champlain, Dufferin Manor damaged in the Biggar, SK derailment on September 3, 1997, most retired April, 1998 then scrapped, except 8111-8121 which were retired in September 2001.
  • 8514 damaged by fire in Halifax, NS on December 22, 1997 and stored, scrapped for parts after donating some to 8503 to repair damage sustained in the Stewiacke, NS derailment on April 12, 2001.
  • Wascana was cut up on site after the Stewiacke, NS derailment 
Earl Roberts kindly added that VIA 8610 and 8136 (ex-NYC 2919) were damaged in a logging truck collision in McKay, AB in January, 2005, with 8136 being retired. Hey -  this could be a follow-up post - VIA's ex-CP Canadian cars - Bent-Crashed-Damaged! Here's VIA 8610 (Peter Mumby photo) on CN flat car 639941 passing through Belleville, ON:
Running extra...

Speaking of vintage VIA, here's a video showing a ride across Canada in 1989. Lo and behold, at the 7:00 minute mark, we see a familiar face. It's John Cowan!

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Bill Staiger, USA said...

This posting is absolutely the greatest posting that I have seen on Trackside Treasures. The pictures and details are immaculate. Thank you for doing this excellent article. You outdid yourself on this article. I really appreciate the information. Thank you.

Eric said...

Great to have you aboard, Bill! Welcome, and thanks for your kind comments.

I've tried to triangulate data and link to photos from various sources. I trust I have not published any misinformation. If so, I'm sure a sharp-eyed Trackside Treasure reader will get in touch.

Aren't these little Canadian passenger train mysteries interesting?

Anonymous said...

Thank you for listing Algonquin Park and getting it correct.
The car is currently running on an excursion operation in Tennessee. For more information see

Bill Harman

Eric said...

Thanks for the update, Bill!

Steve Boyko said...

Another great reference post, Eric! You're truly a font of knowledge and we're all grateful for you sharing your knowledge. :)

Eric said...

Thanks very much, Steve. I am hoping someone will confirm/refute/add/call me crazy/counter/revise. That's one great feature of blogging - easy to revise.
Until then, here it is!
I have had invaluable assistance from Bruce Chapman, Earl Roberts and Jakob Mueller on this post. And it's been in Draft form for quite a while. Finally posted!

Anonymous said...

Obama classy ?? The Muslim apologist ?? Please keep politics out of train discussions. Royalty too.


Anonymous said...

Actually the photo caption for Skyline 508 is incorrect. It suffered severe structural damage (note the entire vestibule is gone and the internal collision posts have been bent...the outer ones were obliterated...apparently it was damaged at Attean Maine in a derailment. Sidelined since the wreck in was kept for parts and sold to VIA for same. VIA finally finished parting it out and the hulk went to the scrap yard where the dome resume was pictured....that car did not have good luck! Though contrary to some reports, it was not seriously damaged in the a Terrace Bay wreck...also two U cars bought it in that wreck...Ulster and Upton, which were scrapped soon after...

Eric said...

Russ, thanks for your comment. I'm likely to comment on a wide variety of topics in my Running Extra section. As Evelyn Beatrice Hall "Friends of Voltaire" wrote..."I do not agree with what you have to say, but I'll defend to the death your right to say it."

Eric said...

Thanks for your comments re: CP 508, A. I have not been able to find any accounts of the Attean wreck. Any additional information on that incident?

MrDan said...

That photo of CP RDC 9020 was taken by Pierre Fournier in 1985 (9020 was sold to VIA with the rest, sent to CN PSC in 1979 but rejected, stored by CP at Glen Yard, loaned to the Nation Research Council for some testing in Ottawa in 1981, eventually then ended up being sent to CN PSC as a parts car, later sold for scrap in 1985):

Eric said...

Thanks for the link, Dan, and for the additional information. Looks like you also added this information in a comment to the original Pierre Fournier photo back in 2012. The photo must have been just before its scrapping, retired around the same time as 9053 and 9113.

Phil said...

I was onboard the train that derailed outside of Revelstoke in August of 1968. My two sisters and myself were in the dome car just ahead of the car that was hit by the boulder. I remember the train lurching to a stop and then looking through the dome windows towards the rear of the train. The thing I most recall was the broken windows of the dome car at the rear of the train.

Stepping outside with my sisters we made our way towards the rear of the train. Our father and kid brother were in a car further back. I have vivid memories of the gaping hole in the side of the car where the rock hit. As it rolled down the side of the mountain the huge boulder picked up enough velocity so that it passed through the car like it was butter and bounced off the rail-bed and into the lake. The hole on the car was an almost perfectly round.

Further back rail were lifted completely off the rails. Entire cars sitting upright beside the tracks. My dad described the experience hie and my brother had. Their car at first began leaning toward the lake and then leaned back toward the mountain where it came to rest upright. He said it was pretty harrowing seeing the lake coming towards them.

After that we were shuttled into Revelstoke where they put us up in a gymnasium or something. From there we were bused to Calgary where our journey to Brandon Manitoba was resumed.

It was the experience of a lifetime for this twelve year old.

Eric said...

Great to have your memories of that incident included here, Phil.
Thanks very much for sharing these!