Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Kingston-Toronto Return Trip, January 2016

We arrived in Toronto a little early on January 22 aboard VIA No 651: 905-4003-4113-4119-4104. Getting permission from the VIA crew to grab a quick photo of the head-end, I made sure to grab a photo of Amtrak's head-end too - on the adjacent track!
At the same time, an eastbound Lakeshore West GO train was inbound, including Metrolinx-scheme bilevels. Oh, old baggage cart, if only you could speak...
Amtrak's Maple Leaf, train No 64 usually departs five minutes before VIA No 651 arrives. Since we arrived early, I had to time to grab a quick head-end photo before the train left on its way to arrival in The Big Apple at 2150. Engine, engine number 9:
VIA HEP2 meet Amtrak I:
A last, lingering look at the signal line-equipped, snow-covered rear door and marker lights showed that the Amtrak crew was aboard and departure was imminent. Gone in 60 seconds!
Since 651's passengers had hurried off the now-reversed escalator to the TTC subway, concourse, Starbucks or wherever, I had to go to the next exit, which was a good, old-fashioned staircase. Some artist's renderings were propped up against the tarnished trainshed supports. Like a translucent plastic takeout container held up by chopsticks:
In the Great Hall, the unfluttering flags were still as gossamer-shrouded glasswork:
Amtrak has departed and slid off the Departures board:
Afraid of heights?
 Street level at Dundas and University: Kit & Ace is technical performance clothing.
Clara Hughes and friends' mental health ALRV:
Not the Flatiron building, but close - the Gooderham building - Church Street at Wellington/Front Streets with the Cathedrals of Capitalism in the background:
I was good. I promised myself I would not photograph any of the 20 GO consists and 4 UP Express trains that entered or left the west end of Union Station between 1600 and 1700. But if a VIA or two entered the scene...VIA 913 is leaving as 915 stays behind:
VIA 913 departs westward as No 83 to London with a 50/50 seating consist: 3472-3464-3371-3304-3367-3305:
Then it was aboard VIA No 48 for return to Kingston: 920-4009-4108-4116-4111. Gotta post this before the next trip, marching ever closer in March! Four-hundredth Trackside Treasure post! Feeling sharp-eyed? Find two "400" 's in this post, email or comment to win a prize! 

Running extra...

Spring is on the way. Some are planning their gardens. Some are wishing the snow would melt. Some are planning the 2016 Front Porch Layout. Me! It involves a 14x28 box, a transfer plate/cassette, my plethoric panoply of two-bay cement hoppers and tons o'fun!

Thanks to brother Dave for scanning some vintage slides taken by my Dad. Transcontinental trip in 1968 began with...can you guess? Head-end photo - I'm the glum no-fun son!
Tonight on Jeopardy...two railway-related clues. Created in 1971, it took over from bankrupt railroads like Penn Central...? Amtrak. This ballistically-named Japanese train...? Bullet train. What is...a one-track mind?


Steve Boyko said...

Walk me through this - why not photograph 20-odd GO trains or 4 UP Express trains? ;)

Eric said...

Well, not that there's anything WRONG with taking such photos, Steve! It's just that I then feel I should include them in an upcoming Trackside Treasure post, thereby displacing other interesting topics from the queue.

And it's pretty tough to get new angles on GO. The only thing that keeps me coming back is...new 300-series cab cars. Yeah, baby! Have yet to bag my first.

And I really can't resist those VIA consists!
Thanks for your comment!

DaveM said...

Hi Eric,

Great pics, I especially liked: "VIA HEP2 meet Amtrak I".


phoenix'ed said...

Hi Eric! 4003, and 4009.

Love the Amtrak/VIA photo.

Hello new desktop background!

Eric said...

Thanks Dave M and phoenix'ed! I snapped that photo in about one second and kept walking. I like the symmetry and I also used it as a desktop background for awhile.

Sure, the orange pylon could be photoshopped out....


J. P. said...

the 400's are in the consists of the via trains

Michael said...

The anniversaries and celebrations are piling up. Great shots under the sheds in Toronto. What a difference a little daylight makes.

Eric said...

JP, you nailed it. Honourable mention to you!

Michael, yes it's 40 and 400! I'm going to make more of a point of taking some quick snaps under the 'shed. Usually didn't turn out that well before - too dark and dank! Now, I can't miss!

Thanks for your comments,