Thursday, October 2, 2014

To TO via VIA Business Class

Getting there really is half the fun. Depending where you're going, even as high as 75%. On an assessment visit to Toronto (T.O. or, I was able to take VIA Business Class, my second opportunity to enjoy the refurbished Business Class LRC cars with 2+1 seating, west on VIA No 47 and east three days later on VIA No 48. While waiting on the platform for No 47, No 64 arrived at 1405: 900-910-8620-4005-4117-4120-4102-4121-4112. Interestingly, the last two numbers were CN No 518's Geep power switching at Millhaven when we headed west! VIA No 65 arrived at 1424 (above) 6418-3460Ren-3342-3322-3359-3336.
Elegantly ensconced aboard 3471, I claimed my seat, the very last 16S (below - bottom right). The handicapped/escort seating and tie-downs were across from me, actually in use by a women and two companions who disembarked at Kingston by manual lift. Look at those space-age seats! The dude ahead of me had snagged the last full window seat, also enjoying the last cold beef tenderloin. 
No matter, I had the warm pasta with cucumber/tomato/feta appetizer, roll, white wine and fig bar. Coffee cup was on seatside table near window for this photo:
Behind me were the washrooms. Most often overheard on way to Toronto Union, passengers quizzing each other, "Are you waiting for the washroom?" No, I'm just chillin', standin' here beside the Trackside Treasure blogger. I know, right?
Some scenic photos follow, some of which relate to earlier posts included as links. Speeding west across Collins Bay Road, looking north at Mi 180:
Near Shannonville, we met eastbound CN No 710 oil, behind three BNSF units: 5976-6421-5832. Napanee's Nabisco, now named Doghouse Studios - event venue!
Crossing the Trent-Severn Waterway overflow at Trenton:
Loram railgrinder RG309 was in the small Cobourg yard. Wish there was a CP train here, but no - CP viaduct at Port Hope:
Crossing the Don River - where once heavy industry polluted, now BMW dealerships sprout:
Gooderham & Worts, the second industrial facility in this post that is now an event venue. This is what happens once all the jobs are sent offshore. Weddings and the people that plan them! And movie shoots - production assistants, best boys and dolly grips! Post-industrial and post-Christian employment opportunities abound.
Arlo Guthrie sang about the graveyard/of the rusted automobile. This is Toronto, so the automobiles are shiny and not quite dead yet - in fact they're new under a high cloud autumn afternoon sky. The service manager announces, an airline-like "On behalf of myself and the entire crew, we thank you for travelling VIA Rail and wish you a pleasant day - bonne journee!"
Southern Pacific had its flagship Daylight. CP Hotels had the Royal York before Fairmont, and now the Union Station trainshed has been daylighted, in order to better admit the light reflected by the canyons of condos where once hostlers hustled at nearby John Street while steamers sizzled at Spadina.
Many consider 13 to be an unlucky number. The left-hand sign signifies one way to be unlucky!
Sundown serenade. The city never sleeps. Hogtown in the gloaming:
CLRV streetcars clank by, concocting a crepuscular Corona thirst in passing Torontonians:
Corona, Madame Butterfly at the Canadian Opera Company are but two of the skins applied to transit in TO. Earlier in the summer, it was Brooks Brothers. GO Transit has Alberta Tourism on its bilevels, 2435:
I travelled home aboard 3471 as well, on VIA train No 48 behind P42 905. A couple of hours at the west end of the Skywalk, near the base of the CN Tower yielded 60 movements, including multiple VIA and GO trains in motion simultaneously! VIA has arrived from the east, as a consist backs in from the west, and GO trains are in motion and loading, south of the all-the-while-being-renovated trainshed.
 GO! GO! GO!

Running extra...

Watch for Trackside Treasure's upcoming fall sale. Hopefully you'll see a railroadiana item you'll fall for!

Running some errands, tuned to the cockpit radio blare this afternoon, I enjoyed the following four-song set on BOB-FM: 
  • Lovin' Every Minute Of It - Loverboy
  • Rock the Casbah - The Clash
  • Roller - April Wine
  • She Drives Me Crazy - Fine Young Cannibals


Michael said...

What a difference a little light makes at Union Station! I obviously haven't been through the station in some time.

Eric said...

Well, you'll notice a big difference, Michael. Under the trainshed is much less dark and dank. Not so nice if it rains? It is a big project, and all the condos will likely deflect some of the rain before it hits the ground :)

As you can see, the trackage and gates are now GO/VIA/GO from north to south. VIA seems to use about 4 tracks only.

Thanks for your comment,

GP9Rm4108 said...

They must get the clearance discount on carpet because it's always so ugly.

Eric said...

Right, Chris. Looks like the name of the pattern on the carpet would be 'Coffee Spill Camouflage', perfect for when the car rocks over a switch or other rough spot while coffee is a-pourin'. Definitely some rough spots encountered on this trip!

Thanks for your comment,

GP9Rm4108 said...

The entire mainline is a rough spot!