Friday, August 15, 2014

Postscript: Sixth Anniversary Contest

Fiendishly, devilishly challenging. That's what this year's Trackside Treasure sixth anniversary contest proved to be. By connecting the first (or last) letters in a covertly-concocted sentence, I invited readers to come up with up to 15 names of specific (or more generic) trains. Thanks to all who put on their thinking caps and rose to the challenge. Below are the capitalized letters in each sentence, with the full answer in brackets:

1. Perhaps A Northern Ontario Regional Association Miles Away would succeed. (PANORAMA)

2. Can't Anyone Notice A Decline In Award Nominations? (CANADIAN)

3. A majestic stainless Steel Iconic Luxurious Kaleidoscope of mountain scenery awaits you. (SILK)

4. At least one Local Association Suggested Extra Recognition for trailer parks. (LASER)

5. At one Time Every Maritime Province Operated its own racetrack. (TEMPO)

6. This is a Relaxingly Deep Couch. (RDC)

7. The Relatively Affluent Iconoclasts Never Do Enjoy VIA In Little Lanes Except reducing congestion. (TRAIN DE VILLE)

8. Definite Acronyms: YOLO, LMAO, IMHO, NATO, EMO, ROFL - well, not the last one! (DAYLINER)

9. Ever randoM tempO ruN selecT riveR extremE aquA saiL cruisE oveR the ocean. (MONTREALER)

10. Randomly advancing Manufacturing Industrialism Xenophobia Eliminated Democracy overnight. (MIXED)

11. When I feel the need to travel by rail Generally Others agree. (GO)

12. For real excitement Bronc Riding Allows Sportsmen Definite Opportunities Rodeo related (BRAS D'OR)

13. NeveR A poP minI skirteD bimbO, Twiggy. (RAPIDO)

14. Little sleeP nO meaL A baR taB oncE A touR. (POLAR BEAR)

15. I found this year's Trackside Treasure anniversary contest to be Literally Rail-ly Challenging! (LRC)

This year's winner is Tim Hayman. Tim cleverly and correctly guessed 13 of the answers - fourteen if you count 'TEE' which he found in sentences 2 and 5, referring to the Trans-European Express! There was a typo in 7, mea culpa, which might have netted Tim one more. Regardless, Tim now wins the coveted Trackside Treasure prize pack which will be winging its way to him shortly. Right on the nose, or is that Blue Nose, like VIA 6758 at Brockville in November, 1986 (Jackie McNeill photo, kindly shared by Ron Visockis - above).

I'd also like to thank everyone who kindly sent good wishes for the continued health of this little corner of cyberspace, as a comment or by email. I appreciate your interest, your loyalty and your continued readership. Now, on to more retro railfanning! (Like CN's 4-unit westbound at Winnipeg Depot on October 26, 1980, shared by longtime friend and fellow railfan Drew Makepeace (below):


Zartok-35 said...

That picture in Winnipeg is a classic, with the Thunder cow leading a trio of black widows! Thanks for sharing. And because I haven't already said it, congratulations on 6 years!

Eric said...

Thanks, Elijah. Drew and I photographed the same time from different vantage points.

The Thundercow post is still in the works.

Thanks for your anniversary good wishes - great to have you along for the ride!