Saturday, February 11, 2012

Postscript: Leased Locomotives on CN 1994-1998

Here's a listing of leased-power consists that I observed in addition to those in the previous post.  All locomotives CN unless otherwise noted.  CN 5350-NRE 878 eastbound with auto racks at Kingston station, on a drizzly May 28, 1995 (above)  

May 14/93 6001-NRE 882-5031 on No 397
Sept 19/93 9665-EMD 795
Jan 15/94 9607-EMD 772 intermodal
May 7/94 9649-EMD 790 on No 361
July 1/94 5341-HATX 902-3529
July 10/94 9421-5323-EMD 775
July 26/94 9669-HATX 906-9316-9596
Mar 9/95 CNNA 9550-NRE 870-5xxx-2104
Mar 9/95 LMS 727-CNNA 5342

Mar 14/95 9312-EMD 775 intermodal
Mar 28/95 5353-LMS 719-5347 on No 145
Apr 13/95 9671-EMD 784-CNNA 9623-9450
Apr 13/95 9449-exUP 6096-LMS 717 on No 365
May 10/95 5310-EMD 201 (grey/wine scheme)-4100-CNNA 5368
May 29/95 CNNA 5328-CNNA 5319-CNNA 5338-EMD 813
June 15/95 CNNA 6008-EMD 772-GATX 3702
July 26/95 5349-MPI 9010
Feb 20/97 3571-LMS 737

Apr 24/97 5299-EMD 6419
Oct 5/97 9403-EMD 195-5512
Jan 31/98 5290-EMD 195 on No 364
Feb 28/98 EMD 197 at Belleville shop track
Mar 28/98 5414-LMS 735-5041
Apr 11/98 5438-LMS 728 on No 362
Apr 26/98 CNNA 2449-LMS 724 on No 330
May 14/98 9520-LMS 724-9417-5385
Thanks to Rich Stewart for additional train numbers above and for adding this power consist...a doozie:
May 14/98 5335-LMS 718-LMS 735-LMS 724-GO 535-GO 536

Running extra...
David Othen of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia has just released his new book CN & VIA Passenger Trains in Nova Scotia 1972-2012.  The book is divided into two sections, highlighting both the history and geography of Nova Scotia's rail passenger operations.  Preview the book for free here.  David's book is illustrated with 130+ photos, and is his sixth book on railways of the Atlantic Canada.

Speaking of railway books, I'm listening to Michael Palin's New Europe.  In his trademark wry, engaging style, Michael's accented account of his travels and travails throughout post-Soviet Europe are entertaining.  Riding a remote 26-mile mountain logging line from Maramures-Viseu de Jos behind a 1954-built tank engine, Michael opines, "One of the pleasures of the railway is the chance to snoop into people's back gardens."  By contrast, on a Lviv-Yalta airline flight, he mentions a joyless stewardess "who distributes snacks as if passing out live grenades".


Robert in Port Townsend said...

You reminded me of a story Michael Palin related about the rickety rail line between Adelaide and Broken Hill, Australia. Early on, the ties were simply laid upon the outback, dictating a slow transit speed.

An anxious husband approached the conductor and asked, "When do we arrive at Broken Hill? "Why do you ask?" responded the trainman.

"My wife is in labor, about to deliver a baby!"

Where upon the conductor snorted, "You should have considered her condition before you boarded!"

The husband whined, "But she wasn't pregnant when we got on the train..."

Eric said...

That's a good story, Robert. I enjoy Michael's adjective-laced style, and he seldom refers to his Monty Python days, which I also enjoyed at the time.

Thanks for your comment,