Friday, December 2, 2011

Santa Sale

It's that time of year again - Christmas shopping looms, but you can beat the crowds by picking up an item or two for yourself or someone you know at Trackside Treasure's online Santa Sale. The first email received indicating interest in each item at makes the item yours, shipped well-protected via Canada Post upon receipt of payment. Shipping cost will be actual postage, payment of total by cheque or money order. Please refer to item # when ordering. Thanks for looking, and Merry Christmas!


ITEM #1 (Top) From the Operator's Desk: A full day of train orders, clearances, symbol sheets, train lineups, crew call sheets, operator's trainsheet and messages - over 80 items in each package. Twenty-four hours of CP Rail action between Thunder Bay and Kenora on the Ignace and Kaministiquia Subs. Did I mention this is 1981? In excellent condition for their age, and each package was dated and stored until today. For this item only - I have more than one package available, but quantities are limited - operators are standing by. $25 per package.

A nice selection of books on regional railway subjects from across Canada:

ITEM #2 (above) Cinders to Saltwater by Shirley E. Woods. Atlantic Canada's Railways since 1829. Nicely-illustrated with maps and photos, 227 pages, 1992, hardcover with dustjacket, $21.

ITEM #3 (below) McCulloch's Wonder - the Story of the Kettle Valley Railway by Barrie Sanford. Detailed history of the KVR. 20th Anniversary Edition, sixth printing 1998, 260 pages, illustrated, softcover, $16.

ITEM #4 (also below) The Spiral Tunnels and the Big Hill by Graeme Pole. Tales, maps and factoids about this spectacular CPR route. 1998, 80 pages, softcover, $13.

ITEM #5: (below) The Town that Arrested a Train by George Campbell. Fort William's drastic actions in the 19th century profiled. First Printing 1981, illustrated 24 pages, softcover, $7.

ITEM #6 (also below): Banff Springs - The Story of a Hotel by Bart Robinson. Couldn't export the scenery, so CPR had to import the tourists. Second Edition 1988, illustrated 120 pages, softcover, $7.

ITEM #7: (below) Vintage VIA...It's a tote bag! It's a pillow with pillow case sanitized for your protection! White plastic, blue VIA, 1980's in original packaging, $15.
Item #8: (below) Vintage VIA shoulder tote bag made in Canada by Curtis Agencies, brown and yellow with strap. 1980's, comes in a VIA shopping bag, $18. ITEM #9: (below) CN LINES Volume 13 Numbers 1 and 4, $5.50 each or both for $10.
ITEM #10: CN Predecessor Roads bicentennial units - Grand Trunk Western, Detroit Toledo & Ironton and Central Vermont units each numbered 1776. Two 8x10's, one Audio-Visual Designs Super Post Card, all three for $12. ITEM #11: Glorious Colour 8x10's - ONR 1808, F-unit and Northlander consist at North Bay in 1992; CN 5302 leads four other units at English, Alberta in 1981, $6 each or both for $11.


Andrew Kerr said...

I check your blog almost every day and enjoy your observations and the links to other blogs; however, one of my favourite aspects of your page is the photos at the top header of the page. Would it be possible to include a short description of the where and when of the pictures? Also, is there an archive of the pictures where I can revisit them?
Many thanks,
Andrew Kerr,
Sydney, Australia

Eric said...

Great to hear from you, Andrew. There seem to be many in Australia who are interested in Canadian railways, so g'day mate, if that's not too cliche'.

Trackside Treasure behind-the-scenes here... From what I've read about blogging, bloggers are encouraged to build a blog for themselves, and to include features they like. This is exactly what I do for my header photos. I have a short attention span sometimes, and there's no way I could keep the same header perpetually. So when I come across an interesting photo online that fits the header block that may or may not match a particular post, I often save it and format it for a header. These are sometimes my photos.

The reason I currently don't credit them is that I don't always know their origin or details. When I do, I don't necessarily have the photographer's permission. Sometimes, I have asked permission and when I do, I post it in the welcome message.

Hence the disclaimer at the bottom of my blog "Post text and post photos by Eric, unless otherwise noted."

Unfortunately, there is no archive save my Picasa Web album which apparently archives any photo I ever post on Trackside Treasure, without any effort from me!

If you have a question about a specific header, email me or comment as you did, and I'll try to supply some detail. The header isn't part of a particular post. They're fleeting and transitory.

The current one was taken in Halifax, part of of a cross-country tour on CP from this page:

Thanks for your kind comments,

Eric said...

One more try...that link didn't appear.

Bryan said...

Hi Eric,

I'm going to be back on that side of the Atlantic in a week or two and might be able to get trackside. Is your sidebar with the Kingston Sub schedule up-to-date? (I could crosspost to a Yahoo! group, but figure you'll probably be the one to reply anyway!)


Eric said...

Yes Bryan, notwithstanding the disclaimers posted at the top of that list of times, and of course the farther an intermodal train is coming, the greater the deviation from the estimated time may be. These days, 874 grain unit trains from the west are also running. I've also heard of sporadic 192's from out west.

Bryan said...

Last time I was there (Brockville) at Christmas two years ago, I did catch a unit grain extra. Is there any hope these days in identifying trains by their cargo (ie: aluminum on 369, tanks on 377, steel/gondolas on 321 and paper/lumber on 362...they doesn't exist anymore, I guess)? Have 371 and 373 have replaced 321/362?


Bryan said...

Looks like I need a little more coffee this morning, given all of the mistakes in that last post!

Eric said...

No problem, Bryan. Yes, there are still what I call 'key cars' for each train pair. 305/308: carbon cars, auto racks; 368/369: ex-Alcan covered gons, CN and HPJX ingot flats, 309/310 grain cars and auto racks, 376/377 ACFX grey ACF covered hoppers and GATX tank cars. The other 370's, who knows?