Saturday, November 19, 2011

But it's a TRAIN

The 30th anniversary of the 1981 VIA Rail cuts got me thinking...there's still lots to see trackside. Instead of wallowing in nostalgia about the F-unit era, it's important to appreciate what's still rolling by. To express this, it seemed appropriate to publish a post on this very topic. The Turbo, Rapido, Atlantic Limited are all gone, but VIA rolls on and although the rolling stock has changed, it's DIFFERENT, but it's a TRAIN.

This is Trackside Treasure's first multi-media post. Instead of simply including photos, I did what anyone who appreciates what VIA has offered us over the past 35 years would do...I produced a rap video.

Enlisting the services of Spadina-based rapper E-series and his crew, here is the global premiere of "But it's a TRAIN". Enjoy. Youtube link here!


Zartok-35 said...

Ha! Very clever lyircs. Good job! We need more railroad rap.

50 cent (plus HST) said...


Ride it like you're Jason Shron LMAO!

I LOVE IT!!!!!

Eric said...

Elijah and Fitty Cent - thanks for your encouragement. You make me want to produce more rap videos. How about one on early passenger car air-conditioning "Ice, Ice Baby" or one about Kadee couplers "Can't Uncouple This"?

Tons of fun to do,

Canadian Train Geek said...

I too liked that last line, "Ride it like you're Jason Schron".. nicely done.

Bryan said...

I'll be honest; I'm afraid to click on the link. :)

BTW: I received the contest prize pack from my folks. Neat stuff, thanks! The picture of the switcher is my fave.

Eric said...

Thanks Steve and Bryan.

Steve, Jason Shron does ride a LOT of trains.

Bryan, glad you liked the pack.

It's great to have loyal readers like you two.

Adam Walker said...

A classic. The late Heavy D would be proud.


Jason Shron said...

That is awesome. Yes, I do ride a lot of trains. Thanks for the mention!

Eric said...

Hi Adam and Jason,

Thanks for your kind comments.

Shout-out to Heavy D. Representin' as I heard him mentioned on the American Music Awards last night. And, no parental advisory notice ever on Trackside Treasure.

I had a couple of more lines to include, but I was limited to 60 seconds (probably a good thing).

Jason, does that include riding the roof of F-units? Yes it does - extreme train-riding. Anyway, thanks for being a good sport.

I would have liked to include Jakob, but I couldn't think of anything to rhyme with Mueller except, possibly, refueller?


Allison said...

If this were posted to YouTube or the CP Blog (yes, you know the one I mean) it would be sure to go viral. My little brother astonishes me with his unpredictable creative outbursts...and I wonder if my niece was an accomplice. No matter...well done!

Eric said...

Yo sis, thanks for your comments. Glad you enjoyed this video - stay tuned for more. YouTube is too mainstream for me :)

Long live the CP blog too!