Monday, May 30, 2011

Grain Train Consists, June 1982

Earlier in June, I posted a day of trains at Portage la Prairie. Here are the complete consists of two of the grain trains featured in that post:

1403 EB CN (pictured above) 37 cylindrical covered hoppers, 3 grain boxcars, 1 ballast hopper:

4322-396662-396679-CN 300730 ballast car-100480-106340-CN 428880 boxcar-CN 428943 boxcar-107731-395941-107949-106070-SKNX 397276-106582-396730-SKNX 397278-395859-SKNX 397134-100778-101142-100878-395474-106713-106531-106530-108181-101273-CN 520202-CN 377542-CN 371256-CN 379033-CN 379149-CN 371970-100962-106298-107306-106768-100046-108002-CN 371698-SKNX 397386-79631

1612 EB CN 120 cylindrical covered hoppers:

5231-5014-100895-100515-CN 377015-107303-CN 377852-100673-395805-CN 369429-396213-100238-SKNX 397167-108079-CN 371055-100415-395495-106055-CN 370389-107661-395334-101162-100425-106665-ALNX 396626-395166-106731-100151-SKNX 397443-SKNX 397271-ALNX 396652-395587-ALNX 396685-107592-SKNX 397055-396787-395291-CN 377573-CN 371316-396115-395878-108215-107883-107819-106271-CN 377465-106175-100529-395091-395340-395525-396003-396009-100028-107946-396923-107603-396258-395793-107704-396350-396400-107533-106143-100247-396282-SKNX 397427-CN 378327-CN 378645-395501-CN 377823-396166-395507-396207-100432-SKNX 397018-100241-108073-SKNX 397414-106173-106002-CN 370501-107391-396757-107181-CNWX 396826-SKNX 397434-CN 378519-395348- CN slab-side 390248 -CN 377579-100533-396976-108239-395671-101227-106526-107966-396104-395387-100635-CN 378284-101124-SKNX 397256-396852-107961-SKNX 397071-106799-CN 378110-CN 371607-CN 377256-100681-SKNX 397293-396539-100064-108116-CN 382661-SKNX 379086-107995-79591.

Notes on numbers:

CN cars are grey with red lettering.

ALNX cars are blue with yellow lettering.
SKNX cars are brown and orange.

Notes on reporting marks:

All other cars are CNWX:

-CNWX 106xxx/107xxx/108xxx are aluminum and yellow

-CNWX 100xxx/101xxx are brown and yellow

Cars numbered 396000-396479 are either ALNX or CNWX (CWB), higher 396xxx and 395xxx are CNWX (CWB)

The third train's consist 1657 EB CN pulled by 1053-1054 was featured in an earlier post on grain boxcar train consists .

Running extra...

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Rapido Trains' Jason Shron is starting his cross-Canada tour by VIA this week. I'll be following Jason's progress on the trip blog. Knowing Jason, he will talk trains, negotiate deals and garner goodwill along the way, and I hope Rapido's initiative and dedication to quality will be richly rewarded all across our great country.

A weekend visit to Syracuse revealed lots of intermodal activity in CSX's East Syracuse yard, plus Amtrak trains. Gotta get back there and do a proper blog post. A colleague of mine visited the Royal Botanical Gardens in Hamilton on the weekend, and commented on the plethora of guys with cameras on the footbridge over the CN lines. No, they weren't taking photos of flowers, trees or birds.


Zartok-35 said...

Thoes are some nice consists you have there! This says alot about CN's grain handling fleet.

Jason is avoiding Saskacthewan on his cross-country tour...Thats shameful!

Eric said...

Yes Elijah, the cars were colourful, un-graffiti'd and new at that time (well, except for those aging boxcars).

The cylindrical cars were the injection of cars that the grain-handling system had been waiting for. Watch for an upcoming post on the cars Manitoba leased for one year, seldom-publicized.

Maybe Jason would throw some freebies from the train as it speeds through? He might even have enough influence with VIA to get them to slow down.

Thanks for your comment,

Doanster said...

Love your informative articles, Eric! Where may I find your books? A quick search in Amazon reveals nothing. Perhaps a local bookstore in Edmonton may carry them?

Eric said...

Thanks for your interest in my books, D.

I ship directly from home in Kingston, ON. Full ordering information is here:

The Trains and Grains volumes are $35 each, which includes shipping anywhere in Canada.

You can email me at if you have questions.