Sunday, October 18, 2009

VIA Corridor Consists 2001-2009

VIA train consists in the Quebec City-Windsor corridor represent equipment types seen on other intercity trains, and to some extent longer-distance trains. In the first of a series of posts on VIA's corridor consists in VIA's various eras, let's explore the most recent, and current era. In 2001, the purchase of Renaissance (UK Nightstar) cars had just been announced. General Electric P42DC's in the 900-series entered service, and all but one of VIA's last F-units, the 6300's, were retired. The last of the LRC locomotives were also retired, and coaches were LRC and HEP stainless-steel cars. Many corridor trains were 1 locomotive, 3-5 cars, with baggage car-equipped train Nos 57/60 arguably the most interesting trains to see.

March 9/01 No 64: 6419-3466-3332-3373-3323.
March 9/01 No 51 0535 WB: 6416-4113-4001-4115-6453-4122-Burton Manor-Evangeline Park.
March 10/01 No 60: 6417-6457-8622-8108-4002-8136-4009-4100-4116-4118-4114-4003.
July 18/01 No 67: 6921-3 LRC cars.
July 18/01 No 66: 6903-3 LRC cars.
July 18/01 No 68: 6428-4109-4106-4009.
August 4/01 No 60: 6418-8618-3365-4113-4111-4116-4110-4102-4007.

P42's roll out: 902 with 5 LRC cars on No 47 on June 9/02 (top)
901 leads a four-car No 65 viewed from the east leg of the Bath Spur, Mi 190 Kingston Sub on June 26/02:

June 9/02 No 66: 911-7 LRC cars-907.
June 9/02 No 67: 912-3471-3354-3304-3319-3369-3321-3320-3366-3316-3470-3456-917.
June 26/02 No 68: 6415-4118-4108-4005-3313.
July 19/02: 6408-3467-3372-3361-3370-3601-3464-905.

GE meets GE - VIA No 56 Eng 917 meets CN No 365 Eng 2671 at Belleville on August 15/03:

On a snowless December 22/02 CN No 363 was in emergency, delaying VIA trains. Nos 642 and 60 made simultaneous station stops at Kingston. No 60's second unit is CBC 50th anniversary unit 6403, one of the commercial paint schemes applied to VIA 6400's: Home Hardware, Telus, Spiderman, and Loto-Quebec:

Another two-unit No 60, likely due to the March break:
March 11/06: 6420-6406-8618-4009-4004-8101-4117-4111-4122-4114-4118-4109.
Most VIA corridor trains used LRC cars, but the HEP cars continue to be used for Nos 57, 60, 68 and 69. Operational variations include extra cars during peak periods, the use of lounge car Glenfraser on some trains, or J-trains consisting of two trainsets joined together, with only one crew as far as Brockville, such as Nos 52/40 and 648/668.
May 31/06 No 69: 6401-4005-4108-4120-4115.
May 31/06 No 68: 908-4002-4112-4119.
November 27/06 No 61: 902-3470-3455-3363-3304-3340-3315.
November 27/06 No 45: 914-3463-3368-3309-3311.
On a cloudy June 3/06, 6407 has an 8-car HEP consist in tow at Queens East:
Another No 57 consist October 14/07: 6415-8622-4002-4004-4121-4110-4101-4117-4120.
A mixed HEP/LRC consist on Family Day:
February 18/08 No 45: 6421-3460-3361-3354-3321-3367-4114-4111-4121-4004-4001-8621-919.
2009 saw the announcement of F40's, HEP and LRC fleet refurbishing, as VIA moves towards a sunny next era.
Running extra...
Michael Palin's Himalaya is the book I'm currently listening to. Michael's account of the departure of a steam train from Peshawar, Pakistan, "There is time to indulge the voyeuristic pleasure of railway travel. Surreptitious view of high walls, alleys and back gardens. Glimpses of life backstage. As the train passes it gives a look-at-me whistle. The animals run away from it. The children run towards it."
Well that weird family with their errant balloon has had their 15 minutes of fame. Top story on Global, CNN and our local newscast. The balloon did resemble a jiffy-pop popcorn bag.
An SNL fake ad once featured a vehicle air-bag that puffed up like jiffy-pop after a collision, so fresh popcorn was available for the driver while waiting for the tow truck.


Robert in Port Townsend said...

Michael Palin is the man! He has taken us mere mortals on some fascinating train rides. My favorite was on the SNIM Ore Train powered by some awesome SDL40-2's made specifically to survive operating in the Saraha Desert. See

Canadian Train Geek said...

I love Michael Palin's shows and books. I saw the Himalaya series on television and really enjoyed it. It hit home for me because I was watching it while my boss was away in Bhutan.

I remember that ore train in the Sahara series too!

Eric said...

Palin is one of the Pythons who has moved successfully beyond that troupe to something new. He's also interesting to listen to as a reader. And an oh so dry sense of humour as he searches for a cold beer in that part of the world.

Anonymous said...

Good stuff, as usual. Looking forward to the profile on those Montreal-Toronto overnighters they used to run pre-Renaissance.


Eric said...

Thanks, Bryan. If you mean the stainless steel Enterprise, that will be coming up in the Corridor Consists series. If it's the Cavalier which was cancelled in the 1990 cuts you're interested in, simply Search Blog (top left) "Cavalier" for some consists. Either way, 0300-0500 is a difficult but worthwhile time of night to see some interesting trains.

Bryan said...

I guess it was called the Enterprise (I had forgotten). I only saw it once, going through Kingston Mills sometime in the wee hours. That was a good ten years ago now. I'm curious: would it sit at Queens for a few hours? They must have had to do something to stretch out the trip to make it "worth the sleep".


Eric said...

Yes, the Enterprise, like the Cavalier before it had to pause to make it between pre-midnight Montreal/Toronto departure and early morning arrival. At one time Queens, later I believe it was Brockville. I made a couple of concerted efforts to see the Enterprise and will be posting for that era in the series.


Anonymous said...

Good read. Do you have the typical consist Quebec city - Montreal - Toronto for 1986-1996-ish as well?


Eric said...

Yes, A. I have a series of posts in my Trackside Treasure sidebar for all eras of VIA!

As well, I created three books on VIA Rail (see New VIA Rail Book blog at top of sidebar) that have over 3,000 consists listed, from all eras and regions of VIA's system!