Monday, August 3, 2009

Postscript: CN Business Cars

Following up from an initial post on CN's business car fleet, how about CN business cars pulled by Illinois Central E-units? June 2, 2002 saw a westbound special on the Kingston Sub. IC E9Ar's 100 and 101(now part of the CN family) with Coureur des Bois, Gatineau (94), Tawaw and Sandford Fleming, seen here at Mile 174. The train was expected earlier in the afternoon, but finally arrived three hours later than anticipated, at 1730.
Sandford Fleming is on the tail end. The two E's had arrived in Montreal on CN No 148 about 0500 on June 2, and lifted the business cars from Montreal, heading for Toronto and Hamilton.

CN sleeper Pierre de la Verendrye was part of a cabooseless operations display train that arrived in Kingston in November, 1984. VIA's other River-series ex-Norfolk & Western sleepers were retired following the 1981 service reductions, but this one had stayed with CN and received blue and yellow paint and smooth sides over its stainless steel.
CN Track Geometry Car 15000, built as CN sleeper Jellicoe in 1923, was on VIA's re-launched Panorama in June, 1984. The car is lettered CN Rail, but matches the VIA consist perfectly.

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