Saturday, December 27, 2008

New Year's Greetings

This is undoubtedly a season of peace and goodwill, which pervades our greetings to each other in our daily activities. On the street, in stores, at work, while clearing our driveways and even among the railroaders that have to work while we're enjoying our holiday gatherings.

Passing freights: Look good on this side, best wishes for the new year...Hope your problems clear up and have a Merry Christmas...We tried to change off but we're going into Toronto, Merry Christmas...Gentlemen, Merry Christmas to all of you.

Rail traffic controllers: It's been a pleasure working with you today...Happy New Year if I'm not talking to you before then, but I'm here every night.

Even with peace and goodwill, there's still time for a bit of complaining: Call 1-888-xxx-xxxx to control your destiny. You don't want to work 148 and you don't want to take a cab home.

Happy New Year! Here's hoping 2009 will be a year of hard but satisfying work and many rewards. Thanks for checking out my blog. Keep checking back in the new year. I've got lots of good stuff coming down the track.

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