Sunday, December 8, 2019

Black Friday 2019, Syracuse NY

Retail therapy and railroad therapy? The Black Friday phenomenon continues to spread, first throughout the U.S. and now into Canada, as Canadian merchants finally try to stem the tide of shoppers heading to our neighbour to the south. Previous New York Black Friday visit in 2014 (with previous years' links in the post) and Canadian one in 2016. This year found us in DeWitt, NY near Syracuse. I found the ideal way to keep my wife from over-spending at the mall - I dropped her off (unknowingly) at a mall that had been vacated except for a LensCrafters and a cineplex!
After the drop-off, it was over to DeWitt. CSX was quiet this day, but Amtrak at least participated. First through was a westbound Amfleet consist (top two photos) behind Amtrak P32 703. There are several photos here of the 703 through Syracuse - it received this Phase III paint scheme in 2018, including the Empire Service decal behind the cab door. Repainting costs were shared by Amtrak and the State of New York. See it in motion - Youtube video here. Ten minutes later, this eastbound behind Amtrak P42 97 passed through. Also in motion - Youtube video here.
The CSX yard seemed oddly quiet. I noticed some earthen berms and construction equipment plus  double-stack container cars nearby. It remains a clear and publicly-accessible railfanning location with good southern-exposure lighting! And waaaay in the distance was that yard engine:
It turns out that the yard is being redeveloped as an inland port. Increased security may account for the retrenching of the sprawled-out yard facilities. The next day, it was north to Watertown. At the Afgritech feed mill, these two covered hoppers were spotted past the mill after unloading. FURX 855261 and BRIX 97307:
The crossing leading back to Arsenal Street has been removed, with concrete blocks making the point. The Afgritech mill seems to still be busy (industry profile here) .
Modelling opportunity...this house across the track from the mill. Dartboard and all!

Running extra...

Black Friday was not a cornucopia of crockpots, nor was it a larder of large-screen TV's or even a cavalcade of Cabbage Patch Kids for me. A few modelling supplies, though, including a mirrored cellphone case (John Allen-like treatment of my Hanley Spur drydock). And that green scenic mat thing is the poor-man's static grass applicator! Those 12x12-inch papers are for pavement, road treatments or flat roofs. Er, rooves?
Up on the housetop, ladders squawk/Let's make that Christmas display really rock/Wait till it's freezing cold and then/risk your life freeze your fingers...again/Ho ho ho who wouldn't go/ho ho ho to the recliner I go/down from the aluminum ladder leverage/just in time for a festive beverage!

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