Friday, March 15, 2019

Sundays at the Valois Station, 1971-72

Some people get dressed in their Sunday best to church. These photos make it look like we got dressed in their Sunday best to go....trainwatching. Actually, in this post it was both denomination destination stations! My maternal grandmother lived just steps away from the CP Rail Valois station and her neighbour was the station agent! So it was trackside we went - in my case stylin' with blazer and flannels. These slides were taken by my Dad, L.C. Gagnon and recently painstakingly scanned by my brother, David J. Gagnon. Thanks to both these fine gentlemen, we can enjoy some true treasure trackside.
Since it was at least five years before I was writing down consists, and only three years after I learned to print, there is no data for each train pictured. We're under the shady station eaves -  top photo shows a westbound CP freight with CN mainline in the background - June, 1971. The above photo shows me not watching a westbound CN passenger train. And below, I'm not watching a short, weekend Dayliner making its station stop:
 Summer 1971 - best photo of the bunch. Pan shot of a speeder speeding:
Then it's another (non-multimarked!) hockey-masked Dayliner:
Seems somewhat unusual to find two units on a single-level Lakeshore commuter consist:
Evening commuter run with Vickers gallery cars:
Arriving (above) and departing (below) with classic 'bus stop' commuter shelters on the platform:
Evening action in 1972 - freshly-painted candy-striped SD's leading one other MLW unit:
Tail-end and tail number. Jet lifting off west from Dorval airport as this CP marker-lit run-through van tails open autoracks east. My Dad would always try to fit two subjects into one photo!
I'll sneak in a weekday photo, this one from the summer of 1973 with a bountiful brace of beautiful RDC's heading into the city:
 Later that year, a westbound MLW-led freight smokes it up:
 And a Dayliner consist is just west of the station:
In 1974, morning commuters are ready to board this inbound single-level consist:
Running extra...

Don't trip over these names I'm about to drop. Not a bad week at all. Kingston Rail-o-Rama supplied a small shopping bag of paper and books. As usual, the Bytown Railway Society booth staffed by Paul and Les was well-stocked. One tank car for my HO scale Hanley Spur layout thanks to Peter. Plethoric photos from Liz. Konversation with Kevin.

A few days later, it was great to meet Courtenay at the Associated Railroaders of Kingston March meeting. Her generosity led to a break-out post on the historic Bajus Brewery, removing it from solely existing in the ignominy of the Industrial History post. The Hanley Spur Industrial Approach presentation went well and no-one threw anything. Well except helpful comments and questions!

Silty synergy: I planted a swamp, along the Great Cataraqui River. Thank you, Michaels, for your 69-cent cattail inspiration and Allison for your recycled calendar photos!

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