Wednesday, July 25, 2018

FP&PS Co. - The Results

While working on a few structure and rolling stock projects outside this summer, it was time to head down to the cool basement and emplace them. The power house is shown here in some earlier views to make sure it would fit the scene. Part of the Moose River Paper Co. complex, the power house sits right up against the fascia, so there's literally no room for error.
Over in St Johnsbury, I placed the Texaco station at the entrance to the town's main street, again at the fascia edge. The details are very visible there!
Same angle, different vehicles. Front end work and a woody (above) and Matchbox dollar-store find with suitcases and canoe (painting/detailing them is a future project - below):
Rene Gagnon farm supplies is repositionable - front or back can parallel track, or freight door end as well! Homemade Bobcat and patient farmer:
Drone view showing proximity to Blue Seal feed mill:
Toward more realistic gon loads. It's not too far gon! This plate steel load is actually the old sides of a plastic reefer:
Also spotted for unloading at Sacco Steel - the pipe load shown in the previous post - now completed. Glued, painted and weathered! Those reused printer-label rolls fit just right inside an Athearn gon. Hey, what's the farmer from the feed mill doing here? He sure gets around!
Gentlemen, start your Dremels! This ex-troop sleeper took a bashing to come out as a Bangor & Aroostook caboose. Just needs lettering! Seen here in the St Johnsbury with some other hacks:

Running extra...

Why don't cows have toenails? Because they lactose. OK, don't have a cow - that was a bad joke. Or, if you're tuning in from the Nile, don't have a dhow. Is an Egyptian harbour called a dhowry? No man is an island. Though some are peninsulas and once in awhile you come across a real isthmus! Or, as Bob Fallowfield would say, "Eric, next time try the decaf." Oh, there we are back to the cow jokes again. De calf? Udderly ridiculous.

Speaking of decals, I need to invest in some New England road decals. Until them, I'm using leftovers and paper logos. Not sure yet how to justify BAR in Vermont. Well, at least it's not Union Pacific or something. Be prepared to see BAR, MEC, CP, B&M, D&H and eventually VTR, Rutland, CN, CV or Green Mountain show up on my HO scale Green Mountain Lines.

Connections - watch for an upcoming post. Imagine finding a fellow musician who not only modelled Toronto and PCC cars in HO, but also worked as a transitman in St Johnsbury, VT early in his career. And it's not Mike from Canmore! Mike said the StJ&LC reminded him of British railways based on their signalling and other idiosyncrasies!
Traffic Jam in Parham, ON as a CP eastbound passes through.

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