Friday, September 22, 2017

September Sale!

Check out these unique items! A useful and diverse group of timetables and other railway documents, employee magazines, photos, collectibles and HO scale rolling stock that are surplus to my collection. The items in in each photo are being sold as a lot. I can't break up lots - these items have to go! Shipping will be actual Canada Post postage. The first email indicating interest  in each lot to mile179kingstonATyahooDOTca makes the item yours! I can now accept Interac e-transfer as well as cheque or money order! Please refer to each lot by the LOT# in your email. Happy shopping! Click each photo for a better view. Items already sold are marked |****SOLD****
LOT 1 ****SOLD****(Top photo) $20 Original LRC press release photos with caption information.
LOT 2 ****SOLD****(above) $20 CN Keeping Track employee magazines-10 issues from 1957-62.
LOT 3 ****SOLD****(below) $15 CN Hamilton yard operations 1990 and CN train orders from Hamilton and Stoney Creek, 1966-88.
****SOLD**** LOT 4: $20 CP Spanner employee magazines - 10 issues from 1961-1967:
LOT 5: ****SOLD****$18 Collectible VIA/CN buffeteria menu and 5 CP public timetables 1970-1976:
****SOLD****LOT 6: $15 CP 1963 and 1965 annual reports plus CP Spanner employee magazines - 3 issues 1955-1962:
LOT 7: $15 CN Locofolio with 22 locomotive photos, data and specifications by Railfare:
 LOT 8: ****SOLD****$10 CN Heirs to a Dream and Grand Trunk Western train orders 1964-1978:
LOT 9: $25 CP Bygones Collectors Items with 27 locomotive photos, data and specifications. Canada 1967 Tattoo cardboard sign and Canadian Locomotive Co. CPA-16a and CPB-1b Operator's Manual:
****SOLD**** LOT 10: $30 TH&B lot of 8 employees' timetables 1972-1980:
 LOT 11: ****SOLD****$4 CN Great Lakes Region employees timetable, 1987:
Photo prints ideal for prototype fans, modellers and collectors alike. Size is 4x6 inches except as noted. Quantity in each lot is a minimum. Many lots have more photos than indicated. Occasional duplication not counted in quantity. Shine on photos is from room lighting only. Variety of eras represented. 
LOT 12 (above) 40 assorted 5x7 photos $12.
LOT 13 ****SOLD****(below) 20+ CP rolling stock $7.
****SOLD**** LOT 14: 20+ CP locomotives $7:
 LOT 15:  ****SOLD****40 Various Rolling Stock $12:
 ****SOLD****LOT 16: 50 CN locomotives $15:
 ****SOLD****LOT 17: 30 Goderich & Exeter locomotives $10:
****SOLD****LOT 18: 45+ Canadian shortline locomotives $15:
****SOLD****LOT 19: 15+ VIA locomotives $5:
 LOT 20: 25+ US locomotives $7:
****SOLD****LOT 21: 50+ Ontario Southland locomotives $15:
 LOT 22: 18 Norfolk Southern and TH&B, mostly locomotives $6:
HO scale layout rolling stock fleet ready to roll! All cars are as is, non-metal wheels and X2F-coupler equipped. Rolling stock in each photo is sold as a lot. An economical way to start a fleet or use for kitbashing purposes - all at about $2 per car!

****SOLD****LOT 23: $45 Boxcars (above)
****SOLD****LOT 24: $50 Tank cars, hoppers and flats, oh my! (below):
 ****SOLD****LOT 25: $35 Cabooses
****SOLD**** LOT 26: $40 Boxcars and more:
 ****SOLD****LOT 27: $60 Passenger fleet:
 ****SOLD****LOT 28: $22 Locomotives and hi-cubes:

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