Friday, August 25, 2017

Pop-up Post: CN Nos 369/149, July 2017

VIA No 42 wait till you see the other end!
Time for another pop-up post. Heavy on photos, light on verbiage. Oh, contrary to the title of this post, a little VIA, too! And ground level in Belleville in August, as well! Now onwards, from five stories up.
LW 9054

GATX LRS 4919 boxcar with STYX for Steve!

A perennial favourite - SLR this time 3009

Ex-MT&W AGR 8288

BN 467213

Ex-Kyle NAHX 100720

HPJX next to DPU CN 3034

KT 0624 passes in review

CN newsprint read all about it!

CN No 149

New BNSF 255554 3-pak

Garbage and the end 
Rarely seen - CANADA 150 side by side
VIA No 42 with two CANADA 150 coaches
Storm closing in on VIA No 644

Another 369 on August 11 at Belleville - TFM 20020 si! si!
UNPX 121446 within the Aluminum Products # range

SOXX 20515 with aluminum in containers

Straight Railbox RBOX 39457 in ingot service

RBOX 38372 graffiti'd


Steve Boyko said...


Great collection of abused rolling stock, and great photos!

Eric said...

Domo arigato for your comment, Steve. These are the Best of Times for a Blue Collar Man trackside!

Michael said...

Nice collection of rolling stock. Nothing beats a mixed freight.

Eric said...

Indeed, Michael. Yet another reason we should feel lucky to live in Canada. I believe CN, and to a lesser extent CP, lead the Class 1's in carload freight. Though there are more intermodal trains on CN, all that exported lumber, paper and also chemical traffic keep the freights mixed!

Thanks for your comment!