Sunday, April 16, 2017

VIA's Toronto Maintenance Centre, Part 2

In Part 1 of my visit to VIA's Toronto Maintenance Centre (TMC), I had made it nearly to Kipling. Rounding the bend north toward Horner St, I came upon this little rail-served industry - National Silicates' Toronto plant. Several covered hoppers like GACX 3351-3280-3189, SHPX 432106-432494 and tank car TILX 170110 were here:
Great views available through fencing:
For your model structure-building pleasure:
Heading back along Judson, past the imposing building with few entrances but orange-jumpsuited occupants, euphemistically named the Toronto South Detention Centre and Intermittent Facility, I kept walking. Nearby were several rockpiles, but not for breaking. Ah, Kingston convictions were calling!
Back atop the Islington overpass, I observed a vintage Tamper and bilevels everywhere. A similar facility near Oshawa is a-building, and the long servicing buildings looked similar (above). This fine old station is now a community centre/presentation centre for On the Go (almost literally) condominiums. Or is that condominia? It's enough to give me insomnia! But no, I had a train to catch, otherwise I would be forever marooned in Mimico!
With so many tracks to choose from, I once again assumed my meerkat stance, peering at the screens. Found my track for the 16:21 from Mimico back to Toronto Union:
Deadheading 6456 backed toward Toronto out of the TMC, followed by VIA No 650's consist that I'd travelled on just that morning:
Classic ex-CP 8127 ping-pong paddling on the tail-end:
My ride, led by GO 660, came in before 650's equipment got a light to head east. 
Here was 6456 back at Toronto Union. A westbound from the Kingston Sub nosed onto it, and the doubleheader left westbound at 1803. The sight of such a doubleheader caused railfan pandemonium throughout southwestern Ontario.
One of the new Crash Energy Management (CEM) coaches, 4000, was on a westbound all Metrolinx-scheme train: 356-4000-2852-2847-2838-2848-2845-2859-2846-2856-2851-2843-663:
Ah, the siren song of the CANADA 150 cars lured my lens. There is still a 20:1 ratio of CANADA 150 locomotives:cars based on online photo posting. Doing my part to right the imbalance, here's 3353 on an eastbound at 1757:
The four Canadian divisions in action at Vimy Ridge in April 1917 are represented by this logo on Business Class cars, both HEP and LRC. Though the division colours are not in numerical order, they are in order for their relative positions in the line during that battle. The Vimy Foundation distributed pins on VIA trains, during the centenary of the actual battle dates.
The Vimy Foundation still makes these pins available for $5. They are substantial, both in composition and in historical significance. Thanks to Jonathan Barton for this one:
Return to Kingston was aboard VIA No 48 917-3461-3370-3361Canada 150-3302Ren-3371-905Canada 150. I was surprised that though I expected VIA to steal the show at Mimico, there was more than enough CN and GO nearby to keep the walk interesting! 

Running extra...
Expect an April 24 launch for my latest book on VIA Rail. Trackside with VIA: Research and Recollections has been an over-the-winter project. Watch the New VIA Rail Book blog, uppermost in Trackside Treasure's right sidebar for updates. In the meantime, enjoy some of the VIA memorabilia in this promotional VIAdeo.

This VIAdeo has it all: CANADA 150 and Kingston Transit after an eastbound trip down the Corridor. It is provided as a public service to Trackside Treasure's Portuguese-speaking readers. Feliz Pascoa!


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