Saturday, February 18, 2017

Pop-up Post: CN Nos 368/372, February 2017

Former Sultran bathtubs OFOX 1009-3354
During a railfan trip to Belleville on February 11, CN No 368 at 0920 and CN No 372 at 1015 had some interesting freight cars on board. Time for another pop-up post!
LW 9070 with MFK graffiti

WWUX 7256-4451-4411 and four more W&W's

GTA grain with almost unreadable reporting marks!

CN 382624-382055 plain-jane, graffiti-less covered hoppers

UNPX 121400 cylindrical covered hopper with a few 'friends'

Fourteen IC, CC, WC, CN, and BLE (1738) scrap tie cars

X372 at Belleville: EAMX 1205 'slab-side' covered hopper

Kingston Invista bound - KLRX 525078

Chevrons in the snow: ONT 7729

I'm SP, no I'm UP, no, I'm...

Baby-blue GTW auto rack

Belleville set-out roofing granule car AEQX (ex-B&M) 3001.

Sandersville 704

K&T Clays logo is being overtaken by graffiti on ACFX 68490


Canadian Train Geek said...

Quite a curious collection of cars!

I like the Boston and Maine one the best - a nice find.

Unknown said...

Has the Havelock operation affected Belleville's at all?

Eric said...

Ryan and Steve,

Everyone likes those little B&M cars. I thought I was seeing things the first time I spotted them in the yard while passing through aboard VIA.

It seems that CP (Havelock) and CN (Belleville) are still both loading roofing granules. I'm not sure of the percentage of each currently, but the fact that these little fellows are still arriving shows it's still happening in Belleville.

Thanks for your comments,

Michael said...

I love the GT wet noodle autorack. Reminds me of the huge trains rolling through Sarnia and on the CSX Sarnia Sub. I saw one of those old GT autoracks over the summer but was unable to get a proper picture. Glad to see it captured for posterity!

Eric said...

I really liked the blue colouring, too. Yesterday I caught a nearly pristine green Burlington Northern Trailer-Train auto rack. A favourite 'fallen flag' like GTW!

Thanks for your comment, Michael.

BArailsystem said...

Very interesting that Sultran sold some of their steel bathtubs to Residco. Found this on their website, looks like they bought 78 in total. The numbers you saw indicate they come from both Sultran's original 1000 series purchased new and the ex-CP coal gons in the 3000's series.

Thanks for sharing Eric.


Eric said...

Thanks for the link and Sultran information, Ben. We have been seeing some *interesting* bathtubs along the Kingston Sub recently. This was my first sighting of the Sultrans. Interesting that the residco page doesn't seem to include reporting marks.

I love sharing posts like this - especially when they're appreciated by fellow rolling stock fans!