Sunday, December 18, 2016

I'll Have VIA Blue Christmas 2016

This year, I thought I'd come up with an always-original Trackside Treasure treatment of Elvis' Blue Christmas. Of course, when I think blue, I think VIA. Blue and yellow that is. And my memory wanders back to VIA's early years and those consists of yore. You're welcome to hear it on Youtube with some seasoned-to-taste piano accompaniment.

I'll have VIA blue Christmas without you.
I'll VIA blue just thinking about you.
Markers of red, in the dark, so easy to see
Won't be as bright, dear, on a refurbished LRC.

And when those blue consists come rolling
And when those blue units' airhorns start calling
You'll be doing all right, with your Ren consist so bright
But I'll have VIA blue, blue and yellow, and blue VIA Christmas.

Spoken part:
Thinkin' back to those good times, we spent together on the platform.
We knew it couldn't last forever, but under the lights I still see you there.
Sometimes I still want to wallow in nostalgia, I go back to the good ol' days
I make myself a cup of hot cocoa and work on my blog!

It's a great place to spend your leisure.
I'll keep blogging next year even better.
Hoping this, fun to read, gives you some measure of pleasure.
Great to have you along, here on Trackside Treasure.

And now a festive drink will be hoisted,
Don't leave your comments unvoice-ted.
Keep it here, through the year, and don't shed a tear
We'll all have VIA blue, blue and yellow, and blue Christmas!

Bonus verse:
I'll see those blue F-units a-steamin'
With their bright headlights sealed-beamin'
Whether it be M-L-W, or some G-M-D
It's blue, classic VIA of which I'll be dreamin'

Season's greetings to all of Trackside Treasure's faithful readers out there in cyberspace! It's been great to have you aboard this year, reading and commenting.
A special Christmas greeting to my blog partners who made the year so interesting with their posts: Steve, John, Chris, Dave, Edd, Michael, George, Matthieu, Bernard and Marc. Great stuff! Stay tuned for 2017!


Zartok-35 said...

Happy holidays, Eric! Your song writing prowess knows no bounds.

Eric said...

Some would say ain't nothin' but a hounddog!
Great to have you aboard this year, Elijah!

Randy said...

"A Trackside Crooner", well done Eric !

Michael said...

I was wondering which song was going to be reworked this year. I think your version certainly ranks right up there with the Porky Pig version, which I also greatly enjoy. All the best to you and your family Eric. Looking forward to another year trackside!

Eric said...

Thanks, Michael and Randy.

I don't want to become toooooo predictable! Christmas is still a special time to me, so it's nice to change it up a bit. Hope your Christmases are merry and your new year bright! Great to have you aboard Trackside Treasure!