Friday, March 25, 2016

Postscript: Vancouver Wharves in B&W

A couple of months ago I posted an afternoon of switching on my HO scale Vancouver Wharves layout. I took some photos down at track level which I didn't include in the first post. Being a bit indecisive, (or am I?)(I guess I am) I converted the colour images to black & white, I liked the effect. Though I also liked the colour versions...well, you decide!
Two switch jobs meet:

Discussing their next move:

Joining forces: 

Stuck in the middle with you:

Running extra...
Speaking of photography effects and CP modelling, The Fallowfield Effect is huge right now. Though Bob Fallowfield is a creative modeller, I get the impression he's a humble guy and would prefer his photographed modelling to speak for him. Hunter Hughson, Trevor Marshall, John Longhurst and Trevor Marshall again have blogged about Bob's modelling, and (forgive the rampant Rapido hucksterism) even Rapido Trains has video'd their upcoming RDC release on Bob's layout. Though I've only seen a couple of pages in RMC, and not a trackplan, Bob's major presence is on Facebook, where he shares shoulder-height layout photos taken with an iPad! iLike!
Bob has already seen these photos, christening them "The Good Old Days". My Dad photographed me photographing a CP westbound at Shannonville Road crossing, just east of Belleville on November 10, 1979.
Class unit CP 4200 leads leased C&O GP-30 3014, with end-cupola steel van CP 434054 on the tail end, passing the 'three bubbles - no trouble' hotbox detector.
Speaking of Ontario ingenuity, the Cardboard Carferry System is a brand-new system to transport your favourite model rolling stock. Sounds like a must for serious modellers who visit others' layouts, train shows, or just like to drive around with boxes of rolling stock in their cars, secure and safely-packed.

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