Monday, February 1, 2016

VIA Operation Axle: Consists

It would be nearly impossible to find photos showing the myriad consists operated by VIA during Operation Axle. As a way of graphically representing the recorded consists, I scaled and colour- printed some online drawings. Cutting and pasting (the old-fashioned way) the printed rolling stock, I've assembled and photographed (also the old-fashioned way) some virtual VIA trains to accompany the consists. With a very few odd exceptions (such as the one or two runs of VIA 3500-series LRC coaches on March 17), recorded consist variations from Operation Axle are represented by these drawings.

First, a couple of caveats! Disregard the locomotive and car numbers in the drawings. Some of the blue & yellow cars are generic coaches. The GO units are approximate, and the APCU would have operated with cab-end leading/tailing train. Many of the trains comprising blue & yellow and GO bilevel equipment would have had varying numbers of cars in tow - the former with 3-5 cars, the latter with 3-8 cars. VIA units would have operated elephant-style or back-to-back.

Apr 9/92 Ott-Tor No 41: 6919-6310-5628-3253-5611 (top photo) 
Apr 10/92 Ott-Tor No 47: 6921-15448-3245-5522-5504 (below):
Mar 19/92 Ott-Tor No 49: 6308-3222-5447-5517 
Apr 6/92 Tor-Mtl No 68 6428-6514-5569-3201-5531 
Mar 18/92 Nia Falls-Tor No 636: 6424-8115-8113 
Mar 20/92 Tor-Ott No 48: 6427-6312-3252-5437-5616-3032-5448 

Mar 17/92 Tor-Ott No 40: 6438-15472-5576-3219-5652 
Apr 20/92 Ott-Tor No 47: 6419-15469-103-108-3240-5736 
Mar 30/92 Tor-Mtl No 64: 6422-15481-3212-109-100-3213-5531-9671 
Mar 18/92 Tor-Mtl No 64: 6407-15468-5511-5654-3247-3242-3216-9624 
 Apr 19/92 Tor-Win No 75: 6447-GO 2042-2023-2027-2022-908

 Apr 19/92 Sar-Tor No 80: GO 902-2035-2026-2047-721 

Mar 21/92 Tor-Win No 75: GO 544-2250-2303-237 

This concludes Trackside Treasure's three-part series. To review, the first post contained an historical account of Op Axle, and the second contained photos of Op Axle trains.

Running extra...

CN No 106 leads off my self-proclaimed Year of Photographing the Blisteringly Mundane! If I can force myself to photograph the blisteringly mundane, that is...

Actually, that graffiti is not all that mundane. Reporting marks restencilled over it!

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