Monday, October 5, 2015

October Sale!

The leaves are falling and so are these items - surplus to my collection. Will they find a good home on your bookshelf or HO scale layout? Take a look! 
EMAIL UPDATE: If your email has bounced, please check correct email address below:
The first email received indicating interest in each item at mile179kingstonATyahooDOTca makes the item yours! Please refer to each item by ITEM# (superimposed on each item's photo) and name for clarity. Each item will be shipped well-protected via Canada Post upon receipt of payment. Shipping cost will be actual postage; payment of total by cheque of money order please. 

ITEMS SOLD SO FAR:1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 14, 16, 19, 20, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 29, 30, 32, 38, 39 (that's both grain elevators - if I'd known they'd be this popular, I'd have built more!) and 40.

ITEM 1 CP Rail Form 584 October 1980, 200+ pages. $4
ITEM 2 CP Rail Form CS44 June 1986. $4
ITEM 3 CP Rail Form CS44 May 1981. $4
ITEM 4 GOI no date. $4
ITEM 5 Uniform Code of Operating Rules October 1962, 125+ pages. $4
ITEM 6 Canadian Rail Operating Rules January 1990, 170+ pages. $4
ITEM 7 CN MacMillan Yard Motive Power Safe Procedures November 1983, spiral 12 pages. $6
ITEM 8 CN MacMillan Yard Operating Manual April 1989, spiral 115 pages. $8
ITEM 9 CN/DW&P General Instructions October 1962, 90+ pages. $4
ITEM 10 Amtrak Mechanical Department Safety Rules June 1984, plastic cover 112 pages. $8
ITEM 11 Assoc of American Railroads Interchange Rules April 1979, 400 pages. $8
ITEM 12 CP Protection of Track Units April 1979, 14 pages. $4
ITEM 13 (see inside view below) CN Turbo Train Emergency Procedures, bilingual 12 pages. $10
ITEM 14 (see inside view below) CN Info Guide for Passenger Crews: conventinoal, Turbo including announcement texts, Railliner [sic], Tempo, TEE trains, no date probably pre-1982, $12
ITEM 15 Dining Car 1920 Portions, Prices and Table Service Reprint, pocket size, 159 pages. $4
ITEM 16 Rail Canada Vol 4 VIA 1983 original with colour centre section. $20
ITEM 17 CN Lines V15N1, 2009. $4
ITEM 18 Rail Canada Vol 5 RDC's and shortline power, 1983, colour section, 144 pages. $15
ITEM 19 Rail Canada Vol 4 VIA 2005 reprint coil-bound with colour cover and inside cover. $20
ITEM 20 Murals From a Great Train (dome car murals) VIA 1986, Ian Thom, colour bilingual, 190 pages. $25
ITEM 21 CPR Steam Locomotives Diagrams and Data, original 1945 Railfare reprint 1985, plans, data for CPR steam classes, 72 pages. $20
ITEM 22 School on Wheels, Schuessler 1985, B&W illustrations, 65 pages. $5
ITEM 23 CN Montreal Taschereau Yard May 1981, 75 pages English, 75 pages French, foldout yard diagram, coil-bound. (see foldoutview below) $10
ITEM 24 CN Montreal Yard Operating Manual July 1972, fair condition, loose foldout diagram, 40 pages. ( interior view below) $10
ITEM 25 Early VIA Condensed Schedules April 1977-October 1977 CP [red] and CN [blue] services 15 pages. $8

HO Scale kit-built, scratchbuilt, kitbashed western structures from my Manitoba-based layout:
ITEM 26: Scratchbuilt Bank of Montreal. $5
ITEM 27: Scratchbuilt Barber Shop. $5
ITEM 28: Small town church. $7
ITEM 29: Stone church $7
ITEM 30: Post office/convenience store. $5
ITEM 31: Storefronts, $5
ITEM 32: Scratchbuilt King George Hotel $5
ITEM 33: Wooden water tower. $7
ITEM 34: Coaling Tower. $7
ITEM 35: Scratchbuilt Shell filling station. $5
ITEM 36: Scratchbuilt Fairgrounds PA booth. $5
ITEM 37: Scratchbuilt Sherritt fertilizer elevator. $5
ITEM 38: Scratchbuilt Central Grain (United Grain Growers design) modern grain elevator. $25
ITEM 39: Scratchbuilt Manitoba Pool Elevators grain elevator. $25
Kits are nominally priced due to their used condition and postage costs, but will be well-packed to ensure survival during shipping! I don't want a reverse-kitbash to occur!


Anonymous said...

Hello to Eric...from the 'Peg...I'm in for item #25, Twenty Five...VIA Combined your asking price or more, as I'm missing this issue. Brian P Schuff.

Tyler said...

What material was used to construct the siding on the Central Grain elevator? It is unusual to see a model of an elevator with pressed tin siding as opposed to wood (or corrugated steel which was quite rare in Canada but common in the US).

Eric said...

Good question, Tyler. That was indeed a metal finish - pressed tin. I reproduced it in HO scale by scribing (oh, lots of scribing) of styrene. Interestingly, Manitoba Pool's refurbished and new elevators used a tin siding as well (I have a piece in my collection!)

Originally, it was a United Grain Growers elevator model, and here's a Steve Boyko blog link showing the prototype.

Thanks for your question,

Tyler said...

Thanks for the response... I was afraid you would say it was scribed! I was hoping there would be some Evergreen or Plastruct sheet with a tile pattern that would look close enough. But yours looks very convincing in the photo. The only other model I've seen of this style was sheathed in aluminum foil embossed using a pizza cutter. In addition to UGG and MPE, my layout will likely require Sask Pool and NM Paterson elevators in this style.