Friday, August 7, 2015

Postscript: Trackside Treasure Seventh Anniversary

The entries are in, and have been opened, tallied, mulled, mulled some more, meditated on, and without any further procrastination on my part, here are the results of Trackside Treasure's seventh anniversary contest!

First Contest Time-Sensitive - 
How Observant Are You/What Do These Four Photos Have in Common?

Yes, they were all railway-related. But some were in the US, others in Canada. Some were facing to the right, some to the left. The best answer, the one hermetically sealed in a Glad bag of tie nails under my back step at the beginning of the contest period was....egg rollllllllllll......successfully guessed by Michael Hammond: All four pieces of equipment included the number 7, as in seventh anniversary. Congratulations, Michael!

Honourable mention to Walker Coe who guessed that all four operated at standard gauge - 4'8 1/2"!

Second Contest Take Your Time - 
Describe Trackside Treasure in Seven Words!

This was difficult. I anonymized all the responses and passed them by some critical thinkers here at Trackside Treasure Global Headquarters. The winner of the second contest was....spring rolllllllllll...also Michael Hammond. The judges have spoken! Michael's winning creative caption of all things Trackside Treasurish was:

The Definitive Source for Canadian Railway Enlightenment

Michael's entry takes me back to TRAINS magazine's cutline - THE magazine of railroading. Congratulations again, Michael! Trackside Treasure prize pack(s) will be winging their way to you soon. You join join the esteemed ranks of previous anniversary contest winners such as Hall, Fulsom, Mueller and Hayman. Honourable mentions to:

Steve Boyko - An In-depth Dive Into Canadian Railroading
J.P. - Great, excellent, amazing, Canadian railways, Trackside Treasure
Malcolm Peakman - Read all about it in Trackside Treasure
Ben Alain - Interesting and well researched railroad themed articles

Dishonourable mention:
Conservative Party  - Great hair, but he's just not ready.

My thanks to everyone who commented, celebrated, cheered, cajoled, and creatively collaborated in this annual celebration of all things Canadian and railways. Now, on to another year!


Michael said...

It's a clean sweep for Ottawa! I'm honoured to have won both.

Eric said...

And a speedy submission, arriving in less than four hours after the unannounced anniversary contest launch. Well, if you don't count the Coming Soon header that preceded the launch by 3, 4 or 5 days.

Now, it's in the sidebar, too!
Congratulations, Michael!