Wednesday, June 10, 2015

The Later Life of CN 15767

CN 15767 was built in 1926 by the J G Brill Co of Philadelphia, as a baggage-coach combination car (railcar combine trailer) for the Central Vermont, numbered 151. Used in branchline service, then sold to CN and converted to a passenger-postal trailer, the car was assigned to various Atlantic Region oil-electric cars and given its present number. In 1957, overhauled at Montreal and transferred to CN's Central Region for service out of Lindsay then Hamilton, she was removed from service in 1959 and stored at Lindsay until purchased by the Lakeshore Model Railroaders in Toronto. The following four photos was recently posted on Ebay, and led to a brief online discussion about this car. This photo mount was stamped FEB 61, but unless that car had a good heater, it looks like summer wear on those ambitious seat-stripping model railroaders:
The next two mounts are stamped APR 63. Did somebody say directional smokejack?
Check out the now-retro Lakeshore Model Railroad Club sign hung on car end. Note trackside heating fuel tanks. Did somebody say strategically-placed stepbox?
This going-brown slide has been rescued from sliding into obscurity, revealing black & olive paint, and maple leaf heralds. Did somebody say soaring stovepipe?
CN 15767 was donated to the CRHA in 1978, when CN asked the club to vacate the car's on-track site at their Willowbrook yard. CN shipped the car to the Canadian Railway Historical Association museum at Delson by flat car, with its trucks on an accompanying car. Little did I know that I would photograph this car, not knowing what it represented, nor why and where it was travelling (top photo). On October 22, 1978 at 1632, an eastbound freight led by CN locomotives 9648-3225-1306 passed through Kingston, and I photographed it at Mi 182 Kingston Sub. It was marshalled just ahead of caboose 79585, and the adjacent gondola car may have contained its trucks. Interestingly, this is my one-and-only photo of a CN C-424!
Interestingly, on October 11, 1987 I found myself aboard 15767 at the Canadian Railway Museum at Delson (now known as Exporail at St-Constant, QC). She was suitably adorned with marker lamps and a backup air whistle.
At the time, she was being pushed around the museum loop by ex-Port of Montreal S-3 1002. The car still resides at Exporail, recently having its roof repaired.

Running extra...

I just flew in from Ottawa - boy, are my arms tired! Seriously (and I use the term "seriously" loosely) (heck, I use the term "loosely" loosely) I had a great time presenting "Kingston Platform Scenes" before a packed house at the June meeting of the Ottawa Valley Associated Railroaders. Watch for an upcoming post. Four words: Hot and cold buffet! Yum.
While browsing through the Byward Market this morning, I was intrigued to find mounted poster-sized photos of Barack Obama buying souvenirs there during his visit in...2009. Can the Secret Service lend him 20 bucks? Yes, they can!

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