Thursday, May 21, 2015

Myrtle Beach 2015

In April and May, it was again time to head south to Myrtle Beach SC for a winter getaway, as in 2014 and 2013. I extended my train of thought from an earlier post when I found this Johnstown America-built Grainporter operated by Cargill, in Selma NC's long but not busy yard.
To the west at Selma, underneath Interstate 95, there are some large industries, and just beyond a crossing of CSX at the historic Selma depot diamond.
This train seemed to be waiting for...something. Big Black Units 9092-9140-8419-8342, the latter freshly-painted:

Had enough basic black? Do you think that somewhere someone is working on a Norfolk Southern Power in Color book? Well, Penn Central in Color made it to Volume Four! NS Heritage Power in Color has made it volume 2, notwithstanding! The most non-descript freight train ever: Roanoke Cement cars, SOU and NS ballast cars, and tank cars.
Myrtle Beach itself is a veritable train desert. But long walks on the beach? No problem. Returning north, an overnight stop at Stephens City, VA included some exploring to the west - CSX!
Nothing was moving on the branch out of Winchester, VA. However, that did not mean there was nothing interesting. Three local industries of various vintages surrounded me at every turn!
Propane gas dealership with GLNX and CGTX tank cars on multiple tracks (above) and what is this??
The M.J. Grove limestone quarry located nearby used heat in this solid structure trackside as a kiln to produce lime. Operations were suspended in the 1980s due to cost of pumping water out of the site. 
Vintage view (above) and up-close view (below):
Across the tracks, the CBS Fruit Co. Possibly the site of an earlier produce wholesaler. Is this area modellable, or what? I'm picturing a module comprising all three industries, or at least the two vintage ones being switched by a steam-powered local...

Running extra...

Drive-by! A couple of views from Interstate-81 of NS's Enola Yard in Harrisburg, PA:

Myrtle Beach fly-bys, from the local sign-tailing barnstormer to CH-53's to Spirit Air. Seen but not photographed: V-22 Ospreys, C-17 Globemasters and and F-16 or two!


AJ said...

Love doing a driveby of the Harrisburg yard. It's a staple of our annual trips to MB as well!

Eric said...

Yes, AJ, we need to slow down and take it all in...I've read that there are some good railfan spots around the yard, though it's a very busy, tight spot along the river.
Thanks for your comment,